Gratitude for 2022

Saturday, December 31, 2022

 Hey Mofos! 

It's about that time to bid a get the hell on to another year and say hey boo to a new year. 

I don't know about y'all but the last few years have kicked my ass, but there have been some highlights, especially this year. 

I'm going to recap a few of the things I'm grateful for that happened this year:

1. My hysterectomy: A sista finally got fed up with dealing with fibroids and iron infusions so I made the decision to get rid of them for good via hysterectomy. Why? Read my previous post to find out.  It's been a joy to not bleed through my clothes every month and have to wonder if I'm going to get embarrassed. It's also been fun wearing white whenever I want to. Hell, I might wear white on NYE to bring in the new year now that I'm thinking about it. Shoutout to my surgeon and his team for getting me back together. I even created a podcast called Ladies Edition  to help other women going thru this and how to navigate it all. I also ended said podcast after the first season because it was starting to stress me out. I'll leave the podcasting to y'all. 

2. Iron infusions: While these were exhausting and costly, it got me back to feeling like a normal person, with normal iron levels and my hair finally started growing back, my eyebrows decided to make an appearance and my nails are stronger. Iron is definitely something I will never take for granted again. The Infusion Center team was so amazing and even when my skin decided it didn't like the bandages, they found a way to work around it. 

3. Love: I let myself be open and someone I least expected came in and has shown me what it's like to have someone in your corner, cheering you on, being supportive of everything, and well... that's all y'all need to know cuz I don't tell my relationship biz no mo' and it ain't for social media consumption. Plus, I learned not everyone can be happy for you nor understand dynamics that work for you and your partner. 

4. Check the Rhymes TV got monetized! Whew chile I have been manifesting that thing for forever and unfortunately when an artist passed away, that's when my views took off, but I'm grateful folks found comfort watching the interview. I'm grateful for every single person I've interviewed and for those of you watching and supporting. 

5. Getting Back on TV! Whew-- After my experience with ET Canada, I thought I'd never have the nerve to get back on a national platform other than my own. TMZ Live came a knockin and I was able to get over my fears. Then lo and behold my appearance on ET Canada ended up in the "Harry and Meghan" docuseries (ep 6) on Netflix. 

6. Writing: I had more articles print and digital. I even started a part time job with NBC writing for their USA Network's Insider vertical. 

7. Keynote Speaker: WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THUNK IT? I returned to my alma mater ETSU to deliver a keynote speech to December Multicultural graduates. I spoke about success and how it looks different to everyone but y'alls asses betta not give up on your dream. Hire me to speak LOL. It was a humbling experience and the support I had putting the speech together and delivering it was something I'll never forget. 

8. Confidence: I have a cheer in my head that I learned with the word confidence in it when I was in elementary school, but I won't bore you with that. I finally lost a few pounds and embraced feeling confident..well until steroid shots, and meds and hormones gave em back to me. Mofos. I'm still sexy tho. I think. LOL

9. Friendships: I learned that you reallllly learn who is there for you in your time of need. From my surgery to deciding to move and needing help packing, getting boxes, and moving, my friends (and my family--I didn't forget y'all) showed up to help out. I am forever grateful. Asking for help hurt. LOL 

10. Red carpet: This was an experience. I always love doing the NC Music Hall of Fame voiceovers for the inductees, but this year I added red carpet manager on the resume in addition to interviewing the stars while making sure everything was running right. I couldn't have done it without my circle that volunteered to work so THANK YOU. 

While this isn't the entire list, it's 10 things I could remember right now LOL. Hey, hormones and brain fog are so real. I am grateful for every single experience, lesson, and even the mofos that got on my last damn nerve this year. 

While everything I envisioned for this year didn't all manifest, some did so I'm excited to see what 2023 has to offer and it better have an engagement ring in it and my dream home and housewife career, cuz I am TIRED LOL. 

Seriously, but I'm serious about all that, I hope 2023 is an amazing one for us all. I'm limping into the year with a meniscus tear, but I know it will heal and my pockets shall be full. AMEN. 

Happy New Year ya'll. Make it a great one and I appreciate you all for your support! :)

P.S. Why am I so childish about this gif or nasty.. whichever way you see it LMAOOO!! 


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