Preview: "The Devil You Know"

Sunday, March 27, 2022


Hey Mofos!

I got the opportunity to screen a film from one of my favs recently. Charles Murray is the writer/producer/director of the film, The Devil You Know and it's in theaters on on April 1. Make sure you support! Anyhoo, the film stars Omar Epps, Michael Ealy, William Catlett, Glynn Turman, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Erica Tazel, and Theo Rossi. 

Now chile, at first I was thinking I don't watch no debbil mess, but this is a thriller that once you think you have it figured it out, you realize you really don't. So the film is about ex-con Marcus Cowans (Omar Epps) and his efforts to turn over a new leaf with the support of his family and new bae. After learning his triflin brother, played by William Catlett, may have been involved in a horrific crime that's been all over the news, Marcus has to decide if he's going to put his bro before truth and justice. Of course, here comes ole light eyes Michael Ealy, not batting his eyelashes like he is at Aunt Viv on Bel-Air, but here he's a jaded detective that seems to want everybody else to do his job. 

Peep the trailer:

This film got me thinking about how far would you go to protect your family member even if you suspect or know they did some grimy ass ish? Would you have their back? Would you snitch to collect some coins? What would you do? Would you believe them if they said they didn't do it? Ahhhh decisions. 

I enjoyed the film and can't wait for the sequel! 

Let me know what you think if you go check it out! 


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