Issa Blogaversary! The Mofo Chronicles Turns 13!

Sunday, February 13, 2022


Hey y'all hey mofos! 

This month the blog turned 13 years old. I have a whole ass teenager! Be sure to grab some limited edition Mofo merch! 

I started this blog after writing for Yahoo 360 (talk about a throwback) for a couple of years. I then took my writing and rants to Myspace for a spell, before going to Facebook. After that, it was kind of like-- wow, people are reading and I need a platform, but what to call it?

The Mofo Chronicles was born in 2009. Just months after one of the worst experiences of my life, I needed an outlet desperately. I needed to write and hope that someone could see thru the words and get what I was trying to say without saying it outright, but then it took on more of a life of its own by becoming a place to write about these trashy dating streets and lessons learned in life. 

You guys kept reading even when I stopped writing for months at a time. I created the blog as a trauma response to being sexually assaulted by someone that I thought was cool people-- I'll share that story another day. Honestly, I have shared part of the story, but you had to really be paying attention to know that it wasn't someone else, it was my story--watered down. I was also still not really dealing with a breakup that had happened years prior, I was miserable in my job, and I also decided in 2009 that grad school on top of starting a new blog is a great way to not deal with anything. 

I have to thank my soror SD for always helping me with the aesthetics of the blog and even the backend. It didn't even occur to me until 2 years ago that my ass should have monetized this thing. With over half a million views.. WTF TOOK ME SO LONG? 

So I partnered with the She Media Network and I'm learning so much about blogging and loving it. 

I launched a YouTube channel with Mofo Vlogs before I flipped it and reversed it and along with my team of Suite 929 TV-- Check the Rhymes was born. 

Here's a throwback of a Mofo Vlog: 

Fun times eh? Well I got bored rehashing the same stories, and pulling off a show talking to yourself ain't my forte.. but I love Check the Rhymes and it still has some elements of The Mofo Chronicles infused into it.. 

The past 13 years I've had guest bloggers, and still welcome you if anyone is interested. I can't wait to see where the blog goes next. Chile, I didn't plan for any of this.. it just happened LOL. 

Thank YOUUUUU all for your support. I appreciate you reading, watching, sharing, and commenting. It means so much! 
Lemme know:
What is your favorite Mofo Chronicles blog post?


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