A Year in Review: 2020 was a MOFO

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 Hey Mofos, 

Let's inhale, and let out the biggest exhale ever. This year has absolutely been a roller coaster and a half. I don't know about y'all but I definitely have learned some lessons this year and took some chances that I normally wouldn't have. 

I wanted to share some of my highlights from this year. 

I kicked off 2020 with a vision and a rebrand from MofoChronicles to Check the Rhymes on my YouTube channel, (shout out to Will Downing) as an effort to brand myself as a journalist separate from a blogger. Overall, I did over 80 interviews on the channel and signed a 2 year licensing deal with Zone.ify. I got to interview some of the most amazing people from Ananda Lewis to Ralph Tresvant, Shawn Stockman, folks from my fav shows, and ask the most ridiculous questions to Roy Wood Jr., because, this is my show. 

I got very clear on the direction of this show and once I did, things took off.  I'd say this was a pretty bad ass year for my first venture into video. Make sure you hit subscribe on the YouTube channel! 

I even decided to sell some merch. Thank you all for your support and you can still buy it here:

On my vision board, I put two words: COVER STORY. 

I was not expecting the universe to show up and show out with 3 of em this year. Tia Mowry for the Back to School issue for USA Today Magazines, I penned the all Black IT List for SouthPark Magazine, and then chatted with Jordin Sparks for Modern Woman Magazine--another USA Today Magazine. 

I shifted gears from writing about entertainment, to embracing a whole new lane of health and wellness, lifestyle, culture, and weddings. I wrote 50'levum stories for new outlets and learned a lot. I also learned that I so prefer being assigned ish rather than pitching. 

 Yes. You read that right.. I said weddings. MANIFESTING HONEY! LOL 

On the relationship front--well, let's skip to the next subject shall we? 

We all had to make the shift into attending virtual well.. EVERYTHING. For me, it was a chance to go to red carpet events that I wouldn't have been able to attend in person-- like the Stellar Awards, and get clowned in front of 50'levum media outlets by Kirk Franklin. 

Being virtual allowed more doors to open for me under my own brand, Check the Rhymes. I didn't have to ask someone else a coverage plan because I AM THE COVERAGE PLAN MAKER! So it was a chance to wear many hats and I have loved every single minute. Even the parts when I'm frustrated, I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I can finally say, I am fulfilled. 

I hope 2021 brings you joy, laughter, love, and lots of abundance. Stay safe and healthy!

 Happy New Year! 


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