Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What's up Mofoville?!

Yeah yeah, don't look at me like that I already know I'm need for you to co-sign!

Thank goodness this year is almost over, because as most of us have found 2016 is no friend of ours! But, it is still the holiday season, and as my inner Grinch continues to screech NO CHRIMUS MUSIC..NO GIFTS..NO HOLIDAY PARTIES.. I realize, that's not the way to be and well...I figured I might as well TRY to get into the holiday spirit, while it may be lacking a little bit of cheer as I deck the halls.

What you mean Meik?

I'm glad you asked! I have put off listening to anything that remotely resembles a holiday tune but I figured hey, why not pull myself out of this funk for a few and share some of the songs I like to listen to during the holiday season?

So without further's my list of Chrimus jams:

1. At my parents house, it ain't Christmas until you hear this song (we're going to ignore the fact that my deddy plays this album all year round cuz that ain't the point right now). If you don't drink your egg nog or brown liquor and sway with me right now as the Temptations sing Silent Night to us:

2. Hang all the mistletoe, I'm going to get to know you better, This Christmas! Sing y'all! Donny Hathaway did this!

3. Auntie Patti takes you to church on O'Holy Night! *flaps wings*

4. Y'all gonna get into this Marvin Gaye Christmas song.. come on and slow drag with me..

5. It only makes sense the one with the angelic voice slay a jazzy like Christmas song. SANG WHITNEY!

6. All I want for Christmas is yewwwwwww... but the way my Santa is set up... LOL Mariah sang her face off on this one and it's a fun bop to decorate the tree to!

7. This song gets me in my feelings every. single. year. YET Luther's voice on this one is sooooo silky smooth..but I'll be here...every year...every Christmas listening to this song ugly crying.

8. Y'all KNOW I love me some H-Town, and I don't care if Dino sang Merry Christmas over and over, I'd listen to it. That voice is hypnotic dripped in honey or something chile *body rolls* wayment..can you body roll to a Chrimus song?

9. Noel Gourdin is an amazing talent. I love his version of The First Noel. *lights a candle*

10. YOU KNEW this list had to include my family in my head.. the Jackson 5. Little MJ's voice was everythang!

11. Because I couldn't just let ONE J5 song be on this list..

12. Cuz you need some Eartha Kitt music in your life.. a sessy chrimus song that translates into gimme some coins!

13. Chrimus was made for the chirren ayyyyyeeee!

14. Turn up! Fiiiiiive fresh gold chainssssss!

15. This list wouldn't be complete without a soulful song from Anthony Hamilton! *shameless plug I interviewed him last year for about his Christmas album*

The list could go on and on but this is enough to get y'all into the holiday spirit right? I was in here wanting to decorate the Christmas tree that I don't have. LOL

What's your favorite Christmas song?

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


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  1. 'This Christmas' is MY FAVORITE.
    Then 'Someday at Christmas' and 'Santa Baby.'
    Good list!


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