Mofo'n Birthday Reflections

Monday, September 05, 2016

*tip toes in* I know..I know..but heyyyyy Mofo-ville! I know it's been a minute since I've posted but I'm baaack (for now lol). Let's get this out of the way before I jump into the point of this blog--this month I challenge all the triflin bloggers like myself to post at least 2-3 blogs to get our creative juices flowing and bring our blogs back to life. Any topic is cool..just make sure you have your own blog to post on! Be sure to share your links with me either in the comments or on social media.. cool? Cool.

Now..let's get into my first post of the month. September is my birthday month..GO VIRGOS! With my birthday right around the corner (9/11) I have been going between sitting in a corner rocking and crying that I'm getting older than I'm ready for and wondering where in the hell I went wrong because I still am not where I thought I would be at this age and trying to look back over the years to see if I have learned any dayum thing at all.

What you talking about Meik?

I'm glad you asked! Bear with me..this blog is a look back on the things that I have learned so far in my 30's. (I think I just low key told y'all I'm old! LOL)

1. Everybody is not your friend:

Allow me to elaborate. If you can't pick up the phone in a time of need and call certain folks--cuz they either send you to voice mail, ignore your texts, or hell change their number.. more than likely--that ain't ya friend. If they can't support you and have your back or even just shoot the ish with you--nawl ain't ya friend. Several folks I THOUGHT were friends over the years..just weren't..they were acquaintances that I now keep at a distance. (look at yourself and wonder if that's you LOL)--not everybody wants to see you succeed so some will tell you they will help you..and then lo and behold they get missing until they need something. Others just want you to be their sounding board and could give two damns about what you are going through.. again..not your friend.

2. Forgiveness is necessary:

I have held on to so much hurt and anger over King Mofo (he's the one that broke my lil heart into 1000000001 pieces and why I started blogging) anyhoo.. that hurt and anger got me nowhere..Unfortunately it took until just a year or so ago before I finally really realllllllly got some closure and was able to look him in the face and realize he ain't what I want or need anymore so I let go and forgave him and them trifling hoes he cheated on me with. See....okay maybe I still have a smidgeon of petty left.

3. Family is Everything!

Losing all of my grandmothers (I had 3--one was a step-grandparent) over the last few years has made me realize that work is work.. it will be won't. I wish I could take back every single time I missed a family gathering, holiday, visits..all that because I had to work. I also realized that taking it back now won't bring them back but I sure wish I had those extra memories. So now I try to cherish every moment spent with family even when they tick me off to high heaven.

4. Embrace who you are:

For years I have struggled with weight, my self-esteem (a mofo cheating on you will do that ish to you --see more petty) and really trying to figure out just WHO Meik is..and by gawd I think I figured it out finally and am able to accept that this is me.....take me as a I am..a little pudgy in the middle (thanks fibroids) with a slight limp, and I'm a Jackson family loving, old school music loving chick that collects vinyl, and I'm a cheerleading judge that loves to write..I'm a lil shy..I cuss a lil bit..but I luh God.

5. This season of single is here for a reason:

Like most, I'm OVER being single and have been single for hell *counts* well a lot of years.. but one thing that I am sure of is..I needed to be single because I wasn't healed from the demise of my previous 8 year relationship. I needed to get to know me, heal, and figure out what it is I'm actually really looking for and throw away the 50 mile long list that I had of my requirements for a mate.. cuz lawd knows half of these mofos I went out with didn't even meet the top 5 --eh you live and learn I guess. Going into this next year has me excited about the possibilities that maybe just maybe bae is right around the corner!

6. I am not built for the hoe stroll:
I'm not knocking anyone who is comfy and prefers to go the casual sex route with any and everyone that tickles their genitals but for me and my household..nawl. After my breakup and trying to basically replace what I thought I had lost--I realized that this ain't for me.. I prefer to be in a relationship and not deal with all the "oooh catching feelings but I still wanna play games and have drama" ish-- so much so that I have been abstaining for quite some time (yearssss actually--judge if you want to chile) -- The struggle of abstaining is real when you have a fine arse dude that can hold a conversation and has a twinge of act right in front of you.. but ahem.. let me focus.. stimulate me mentally and then we'll see where it goes physically mmmk?

7. Hone your craft and don't be ashamed of it!

Like I said before I didn't really tap into my writing much until I got my heart broken repeatedly--and even then it took a while to find my voice. During my writing journey I stumbled upon something else I love besides blogging and that is doing interviews and telling the stories of some of our favs from back in the day..and even some of the current stars. Each interview that I have done has taught me lessons, I've made some great friends along the way, and more doors have opened. However, I don't get too comfortable--I still work my arse off to make sure I'm delivering a top notch quality interview--I do my research--I go to you guys to see what you want to know..and I wave my magic wand of words to make sure I make the subject and myself look like we have some sense.. basically hone your damn craft--but know that the work is never done..keep at it! I got picked on a lot for the types of interviews I chose to do..but look who ended up in Vanity Fair..where you at bruh?

8. Eating humble pie isn't as tasty as you'd like but it's needed:

Chile that Facebook "On This Day" feature will reveal all kinds of ish..for me it's shown me that from 2008-2012 I was an unbearable cocky arse mofo. Lemme explain-- appearing on a national television show in 2007 low key blew my head up but what humbled me a lil bit was not being able to find a job because of my portrayal on the show. Fast forward a few years because I still thought I WAS EVERYTHANG-- fibroids said "hey girl.. you think you bad..lemme add on some weight" ..and take it a step further get them thangs removed and then I'm half arse cripple.. I believe I have eaten a big arse piece of humble pie. I quickly humbled myself when I couldn't walk..couldn't do the things I used to..(see other blogs for the deets) but I literally had to realize that patience is a virtue and I needed to calm my arse down and stop being so... just..ughhhh thank goodness for growth right?

9. Sometimes YOU get in the way:

Sometimes the biggest obstacle in our way is well... US. I have an opportunity looming ahead of me now and I keep talking myself out of it cuz.. well I guess I like road blocks or something but maybe it's my virgo nature to look at things from all angles..but either way I'm in my own way. I have missed countless opportunities --because I was scared. Fear is a mofo.. but I have learned you have to get out of your own way! Step out on faith! (that really sounds good when I type it out but....)

10. Lastly, pretty boys ain't ish! LOL Just kidding! Seriously, this one is I have learned to walk away when it is evident that your crush is just not that into you. STORY OF MY LIFE CHILE!:

If you follow me on social media, you know I stay with a list of crushes..but there are a couple that I have had for a long time that reach all the way back to high school (let me just pause right here to say them mofos aged like fine wine and look so delicious but I digress).. and while it took me a long time to realize it, I finally said 'bish if he was interested, you wouldn't have to dayum reach out to him all the time, you wouldn't get stood up every time y'all make "plans," and he would actually oh I don't know... ACT interested?' Whew, another tough pill to swallow but a much needed slap in the face. Don't waste your time on mofos that ain't interested and don't want you. In the end, you are the only one who is walking around with hurt feelings and a pity party.

The ultimate lesson for me is to live life to the fullest and enjoy every single moment and not to give one hot darn about what anyone says.. I'm me.. take it or mofo'n leave it.

Of course there are more lessons but I thought I'd share some of them with you guys. Hopefully you learned something as well :)

So tell me dear readers..what are some lessons that you have learned in the past 5-10 years?

Bloggers--I will be looking for your posts this month!

Until Later..


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  1. Well said and I learned a few thangs about you!!! Happy Early Birthday, Frand!!!!! The Best Is Yet To Come!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!
    Great way to catch new readers up!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Cool!! Trust me when I say that you are not the only one learning these valuable lessons..smh
    Congrats on all of your success! You have worked hard for them.


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