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Monday, December 29, 2014

Entertainment is my middle name.

What are you talking about Meik? I'm glad you asked! I am applying to join the Entertainment Tonight team and become a special contributor for the upcoming awards season.

I could go on and on about how much experience I have blogging and live tweeting awards shows from the Grammy Awards to the Oscars. I could even talk about how the movie theater is my second home because I LOVE going to the movies. Instead, I would rather talk about WHY I love entertainment. I love everything from television, to movies and music. Growing up the television provided the outlet that I needed to fuel my dreams and passions of one day working in the same industry. From watching Michael Jackson take home an unprecedented eight Grammy Awards home in one night in 1984, to watching Halle Berry's ugly cry ( that even possible for her?) during her Oscar acceptance speech in 2002, to Ellen's Oscar selfie in 2014 that almost broke the internet, there are so many highlights over the years that have kept me coming back for more!

Most of my friends come to me to find out who won an award or to stalk my Twitter timeline to see why they should even watch awards shows, check out a movie, or pick up an artists album. They want the highs and the lows of all things entertainment! Since I'm a keeping it real type of blogger with a side of humor, that's the same way I live tweet/blog! I absolutely LIVE to let my readers know what is going on in the entertainment industry!

Since I already live tweet every award show that comes on television, why not take my talents to Entertainment Tonight? uhhh hello DREAM JOB!

If that isn't a compelling enough reason for me to be picked to join Entertainment Tonight's team of special contributors for Award Shows, well here's a few more HOT reasons right here

I love Entertainment and it loves me!

Idris Elba---Need I say more?

Now Orlando Jones *blushes* what's a girl to do?

Snuggle up with Shemar Moore and hope ET picks me!

So there's no need to look any further---> #ETawardsfan PICK ME!!


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