Holiday Essentials--Survival of the Fittest

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas Mofos!!!

Tis the season for giving..if you're looking for gift ideas (to scoop up during those after Christmas sales--I see you.. I know how it goes down) then I'm here to help!

Now, I like to GIVE myself gifts as well! (Oh don't be like that, acting like I'm the only one that does that ish!) But, in case you are thinking of getting lil ole me a gift..lemme help you out.

There are some MUST HAVES to get me through the holiday season that will take me well on into the new year (YEAH COME ON 2015!!). After all, you want me to be happy right?

Since I love making lists, here we go!

1. A bottle of Sangria. Chile, pour me a glass of Sangria from Trader Joe's and you will have a happy camper for the evening.

2. Bath & Body Works Scents--now we all know that I LOVE Bath & Body Works--so it's only natural that I need candles, body spray, lotion, and anti-bacterial hand gel (I don't do germs or sick folks so that is a necessity alone!!)

3. A pair of comfy jeans! You can always dress up or dress down a pair of jeans, it is the essential staple that must go in the closet or in this case, my holiday survival kit.

4. A pair of ear buds or headphones. Chile some days it is #headphonesoverhumans (shout out to @CallMeDollar on Twitter for the phrasing!) because we all know when that family member or coworker starts tearing up your nerves, it's time to plug in and tune them out.

5. Of course, what good are ear buds without music? I'm old school, so all this downloading foolishness isn't for me, bring me a physical copy of a CD--since it's the holiday season, might as well make it some Christmas music! Anthony Hamilton's Home for the Holidays and Daron Jones' Christmas in Atlanta is a great start to add to the collection!

If I had a boo/bae/whatever name y'all call em these days. I'd probably do the best idea I've heard in a while, head over to the website and get the Old School Man Crate because after all growing up is overrated and might as well take it back to the old school, cuz I'm an old fool that's so cool, sorry I drifted off into my rap-stress mode again, but it's a great crate!

Happy Holidays!! Let me know what you'd put in your holiday kit!

Until Later.. Meik

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