A Mofo'n Reporter's Dream Weekend

Monday, August 11, 2014

Now some of you have been asking for my REAL recap of the weekend's events. Lemme just preface this with saying..I LOVE THIS ISH! I absolutely love covering events and doing red carpets!! The past few days have been a reporter's/entertainment writer's dream.

Let's start with Thursday because I was invited to attend the soft launch of Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bar One's owner Peter Thomas' new bar in Charlotte. Sports One Bar & Lounge is located on the outskirts of Uptown Charlotte on College Street. I wasn't sure what I was expecting when I pulled into the parking lot but since this was an invite only/rsvp only event, I just thought and KNEW it was going to be a classy affair.

This is what I get for THOUGHT'in and KNOWING.

The valet was air tight on making sure you were on the list or had rsvp'd before they even let you get out of the car, I suppose they were under the direction to send your ass on somewhere if you weren't special.

The spot is in the former location of Luna Lounge. Now Luna, while nice always seemed to not have air conditioning.. maybe it was the influx of negroids filling up the place, you know y'all draw heat.. or maybe it was lack of ventilation, but they had a patio so it was still a nice place to hang out. Now Sports One had the red carpet laid out.. but nobody was on it :-/

When my friend and I got inside, there was a decent crowd of media folks, and somewhere someone dug up all the ratchets from every corner of the city, and silly me thought there would be some straight men looking for new boo's but I was wrong.. there were men, they just weren't seeking the female type of company if you know what I mean. Men in short shawts and itty bitty shirts.. well... I've never seen that around here.. I guess I don't get out much. The dress was supposed to be cocktail attire but I think only a few of us got that memo, unless cocktail attire includes your bra and panties, and things that shouldn't be worn outside of the house.

Anyway, the inside of the place is laid out nice..complete with tables for folks dining in, and big screen televisions on the wall above the bar. The enclosed patio is probably my favorite spot in the entire place. I can't speak on the food or the drinks because I waited 30 minutes to get a bartender's attention to finally ask for a drink menu and never got it..so I'm gonna need them to get it together. Now remember the a/c issue.. it seems like it still exists, so Peter.. bruh..I'm gonna need you to get some fans or some ish to cool it off in there. Kordell looked like he was finna pass out from sweating. Both men, Peter and Kordell, were super friendly and posing for pics chatting it up with everyone. I also loved the homage they pay to one of the greats in sports..Muhammad Ali's picture is on the wall when you walk in. I hear Cynthia and Kenya eventually showed up around 10:30 and the event ended at 11. Way to go ladies!

So anyway I think this will be a great "IT" spot for the QC..provided you ninjas don't munk it up.

Now onto the weekend..

Friday I had the opportunity to hit up the Freedom Friday party at the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta.. it's a party where EVERYONE has on ALL WHITE. You know this is just ASKING for hot arse messes right? It was like being at a head usher convention with the church mothers that like to sip on that brown liquor. It was a fun time.. KEM damn near put us to sleep with his set list of songs that all sound the entire dayum same,and I missed the O'Jays because my friend had a work issue pop up. (sidenote.. Atlanta..does parking for a special event really need to cost dayum near $30?!)

Saturday..I attended the Would You Date You seminar I already blogged on..and attended a movie screening for the UPtv film Comeback Dad..when it comes on television..WATCH IT!

Saturday evening..it was time for the Ford Blue Carpet. It was SUPPOSED to start at 5pm. I wanna blame black folks just cuz y'all never on time, but the carpet was not down and ready to go at 5pm.. therefore pushing everything behind. The carpet was about as long as it is from my front door to the patio door and that ain't saying much..meaning not enough carpet..not enough room for media.

Now I'm gonna hit the highlights along with some advice..

1. Please know WHO is on the carpet. Screaming TAVIS SMILEY! at Ed Gordon ain't cute. not one bit. ESPECIALLY if you are a reputable media outlet. Asking who Attorney Benjamin Crump is.. are you kidding me right now? Other media folks should not have to educate you on ish you should know!

2. Speaking of reputable media outlets..it appears if you have a blog/you tube channel you count as media..why?

3. I'm sure media folks taking selfies with stars is not ethical..and I joined in..and thought about ethics after the fact..after all I was NOT finna let Shemar Moore get away without taking a pic with me! I admit..I did push my boobies on him.. and probably grinded on him in my head also..but anyhoo..don't judge me! that man is FINE!

4. If you are lucky to be on the carpet to interview or photograph folks.. make sure your breath is minty fresh or chew some dayum gum, swallow some mints something..this dude bless his heart had the breath of death and destruction while yelling OVER me to get some of the celebs attentions..Idk maybe this was a strategic move to get the interview first, because it sure as hell threw me off my game.

5. Wear comfortable shoes. One day the ratchets that pretend they are media will learn..you aren't on the carpet to find a man, you are on the carpet to work and get interviews..who cares if you have on 10 inch stilettos? Your feet will thank you later if you stick to flats and comfy clothes. Especially in 100 degree heat.

I had a great time covering the blue carpet. A year ago, I never would have thought I would even walk halfway normal again much less cover an event at the magnitude of the neighborhood awards. Shoot, even a couple months ago when I filled out my media credential forms, I wasn't sure how I was going to pull this off. My grandma always said if you put your mind to it, you can do anything. I just wish she were still here to see it.

Until Later..


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  1. Ummm Meik, your review of Sports One had me HOLLERING!!! You hear me? Yeah, I'mma need for them to get the air conditioning right. Sounds like a nice place but the image of mens in booty shawts has me dying slowly.

    It makes me sad that media folk were calling people by the wrong name. Please tell me if wasn't US doing it...

  2. You know I was looking for a picture of homegirl with the fingerwaves?

  3. Charlotte folks loves celebs and anything that puts them in the light of the celebrity lifestyle. Not for me. If I get free entry and a free drank, I'll go lol. I can only imagine the guys in itty bitty shorts and girls in items that shouldn't be worn outside....LMAO!!!!

  4. Oh my!!..So glad that you got to cover all of these events..So proud of you!!

  5. Girl, you are a hotmess.com! Not, "The breath of death and destruction!" CTHU Thanks for the giggles. Ms_Kimi

  6. Of course it was US doing the ish LMAO. Thank u guys for reading! :)


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