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Sunday, June 01, 2014

They don't call it CP time for nuthin and in true fashion and form..I am late as hell posting my portion of the blog tour.

I was asked by my fellow blogger/writer/online friend Leesa of Chilltown TV Fame to participate in a writer's process blog tour (well challenge cuz clearly I have issues following directions.) The initial tour started with her friend journalist/writer Janet Stilson.

What's the purpose Meik?

Well..I'm glad you asked ...

As the writer/blogger you answer four questions about your craft and introduce your readers to three new writers. So... here goes nothing!

WHAT AM I WORKING ON: Initially I was working on a web series that is loosely based on my blog, but I have reached a big arse block and it's too high to get over, too low to get under..therefore guess what.. you got it.. I'm stuck in the mofo'n middle. I am still grinding writing for and most recently Carolina Style, and taking on a new project by writing for another magazine that I will discuss later after everything is finalized. In between ALLLLLLLLLL that, I occasionally come over here to dust off this blog and help you get a couple of sniggles to make it through the day.

HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF ITS GENRE: I think it has a mofo'n touch of sarcastic humor and I try to paint a picture so that the audience feels they are right there with me on that journey. In my interviews and articles, I try to tell the person's story in a way that lets you see them as more than a voice on the radio, or a face on the tv screen, and make them more humanized if that makes sense. Hell, these days, social media just ruins our vision of how celebrities are viewed.. go read Tyrese's tweets then lemme know if you still like him. I'll wait.

WHY DO I WRITE WHAT I WRITE? Initially I started blogging as a way to get out my frustration and hurt from a bad breakup, then I started seeing the response to it as I kept blogging about jumping back into the dating pool. Little did I know that I would STILL be in the dating pool, but most folks can still relate, and each incident I have learned a lesson that I like to share and hope that people can receive that message and lesson as well, as well as take away a little humor from how I came to learning that particular lesson. I write anywhere from dating stories, to my views on relationships, random things I see in the news or while people watching. It just depends. As for the types of folks I love to interview, I really love talking to the folks that paved the way and laid the foundation for music/entertainment..I don't want their stories to get lost, because for most, the internet was not a huge thing when they were on top and they are navigating the waters of social media. It's also cool to talk to the folks that I grew up listening to. I shoulda been a singer but God didn't give me that talent so there's that.

HOW DOES YOUR WRITING PROCESS WORK: I honestly don't have a process. If I think about the ish, then I write it. I don't write a rough draft of a blog..I just write. As for the web series, I wrote notes, and fleshed out the dialogue and let folks read it for feedback and got busy rewriting it. Same for interviews/articles..I do my research and put pen to paper..the end.

Finally, here are three writer friends who I think you should absolutely check out...they either inspire me.. have no sense.. or both LOL. jk..

1. Cheris Hodges---this chick is a BOSS.. she writes the heck out of African American romance novels and still finds time to be a freelance journalist, and blog and spotlight other authors on her website..make sure you check her out.

2.Jarvis Holliday --I can barely keep up with this dude. He's a freelance journalist that does it all.. He writes for Charlotte Magazine with his Charlotte Nightlife Blog to keep us all posted on the happenings every week. I like to call him my social planner (clearly, I just keep coming out the house..which means good news for y'all ..more blogs..but blame him mmk)
Anyway..check him out right chea..

3. Mizz Bea--she is what she calls a bridge builder, fist in the air social justice fighter and lover of hip hop. She's also a public relations machine as well. Check out her blog here:

And a bonus one b/c I know so many great writers..I can't possibly leave out anyone.. (tho for the rest you can always check my blog roll!!)

*bonus* Ms. CM Writer is a woman of all trades. She's an attorney, an authorESS, a blogger, and consultant. She writes her own column and keeps us up to date on men's points of view on relationships, fashion, and good eats. Make sure you check her out also..

So.. the rules are now you post this on your blog and name 3 more writers and keep the tour going!! You have 1 week to post! :)


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