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Sunday, August 11, 2013

What up Mofos?! As you know I love guest bloggers.. so please welcome DJ Royale to the stage.. he's gonna teach y'all a lil about relationships n ish...ok no he's not trying to be a relationship expert, but he is giving us an inside look to the inner workings of a man's mind...

And as usual.. my commentary is sprinkled throughout in bold print.. ENJOY!

I just figured out what I wanted to say w/o ranting here it is; but first this disclaimer: I AM NOT A WRITER, NOR AM I TRYING TO BE DEEP WITH THIS, I am just telling you what I see and what I think I may know about life.

With that said let us begin. I am guest starring on this blog because of the numerous conversations me and Meik (can I call her that??) have had (I wish I was a comedian because I would surely take that act on the road) and she thought It would be interesting to get my thoughts on relationships.

Sure you can call me Meik.. after all, that's my name on this blog.. proceed...

I am not going to go in any particular order so here goes.

As I have begun to look online and read blogs and opinions about relationships and talk to my not so close associates about how they feel about relationships and what they expect and want out of them, there is one indelible fact that I have seen from both men and women and that is:


*bangs tambourine* yes lawd jeezus they sho nuff are! FLAWED, F'd and wayment..lemme let you finish..

Ok, now that we have that out of the way and most of the women have said “ain't that the truth” and “amen” we can get down to real business of it and that is my response to the above statement.

uh oh.

SO WHAT if men are flawed, It makes us real people prone to mistakes and mishaps and bad decisions, which is just fine by me. I had tried the superman thing and I'll be damned if I ever do that again. NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!(And for the record I am REALLY single currently).

so basically men are the bad apples at the grocery store that are bruised and ... y'all supposed to have tough skin and man up but I'm sleep tho..

I think that the microwave society we live in had conditioned us for a few things, which we either knowingly or not so portray on to others. First there has to be someone to blame. I mean for the most part there is NO WAY that you could be single because the person that you could spend the rest of you life with either has not crossed your path or has and it didn’t work or blah blah blah right?

Well that's my theory, cuz the one I WANT I haven't met him yet.. so.... but carry on...

There always has to be someone to blame “their fault mentality” because you in all of your wonderfulness as you wait in the clouds for you superman or superwoman to grace your earthly presence could never be the problem right? Second, relationships are hard work and that’s all I have for that one.

hard work that these days folks don't wanna put forth any effort...

I have debated many women during the last couple of years about the timeline of dating and how it matriculates in the early stages to even get to the dating stage and one thing I have learned and seen in this most important of stages is this. (And this does not go for all women – I hate I even have to say that but ppl are really sensitive these days)

you got that right..ole sensitive in their feelings mofos..


pause. screeeeeeech.... wayment...

It has been my experience that in this beginning stage that the man presents (introduction) himself and then the two ppl begin to get acquainted. For most women this is a proving stage for them. “He has to prove he is worth my time” as one of my sorority sisters put it. The one thing that disturbs me about this is that women don’t do much in this stage. They are watching and waiting to be wooed, wined and dined, which is perfectly fine but life goes on and if you’re not paying attention you may miss it; life that is. I have learned that everything is better when you participate, This stage to me is the most important because it builds foundation in a relationship and I will leave it at that (we are all grown)

*raises hand* I must be missing something cuz in MY experience as this blog has proven..most mofo'n men aren't putting forth a dayum thing but their peen so they can text the pic or try to shove it ... sorry lemme get back to the present.. but the point is.. these days..ain't much dating going on so maybe neither party is putting forth any effort except to undress..

Last thing I have noticed is that people seem to be looking for the “formula” to make relationships work, they read books, blogs (even this one), watch shows and movies, even go to conferences and join single ministries (yes, I did put that in their for the church folk.

They listen to the likes of Black Ty aka Tyrese, Steve Harvey and other pretend relationship "experts" on da Twitter and other innanets..

Prelude to another blog post) trying to find the best way for two people to meet get to know each other and fall madly in love and spend the rest of their lives together.

The problem is the people who write and produce this stuff don’t know me or you or anyone else better than they know the weather each day. A person’s journey is exactly that. WE are all different so our situations even with similarities will never be the same. Life is an everyday experience to be enjoyed to fullest and I hope all that read this recognize that fact and live it up even in relationships.

U betta preach! We all have to discover our own path and create our OWN story..

I purposely didn’t deal with morals and ethics in this because I am no better than anyone one else so you do what you do. I will leave you with two corny sayings that have been said to me and have stuck with me for a long time dealing with life. The first “When you prepare to travel and go on a journey, when you pull out your luggage IT IS ALWAYS EMPTY” my great Grammy gave me that one and I’ve never got it until recently (R.I.P. Grammy) and the last one I will write it bigger so that all can see.


I hope this post was entertaining at best, if you feel like this was immature rambling and not worth your reading; WELL you just read it anyway so deal with it



Meik's lesson learned:
So the lesson I took from this post is.. You can't rely on ish to navigate your way through these dating waters..but you do have to step back, assess yourself, your situation and figure out how to make the most of your dating experience.. on a side note that is probably another blog post.. WHY COME women always gotta be blamed for the dumb ish men do?! dear readers.. do you agree with these observations????

If you would like to write a guest blog..hit me up.. email me at or tweet me!

Until Later..

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  1. Interesting dynamic between the two of you. Good seeing Meik Meik have someone to banter back and forth with .lol


  2. I agree with many of his points. The only person who can truly tell you about the person you want, is the person you want.


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