A Grey Bug-A-Boo

Monday, August 26, 2013

*sigh* One day mofo friends.. I shall learn to just STAY in the house!!!

What happened Meik?

I'm so glad you asked.

Grey is back. Who is Grey? Well if you are an avid reader of this blog then I shouldn't have to refresh your mofo'n memory, but because I'm sugar and spice and everything that's kinda nice..here's a refresher:



Caught up now? Good let's proceed.

So here I am 8 weeks out from surgery and heading to my first physical therapy appointment. (mind you.. I didn't have ish done to my leg in surgery..but it's janky and hey that's another story for another time) So I arrive early for my appointment..SHOCKER..cuz I never get anywhere on time..much less early. Anyhoo.. whip Thriller into the parking space, roll out the car (yes it's a roll..thanks to a janky hip and leg..I can't just get out of the car like normal people right now) And I begin my long journey across the parking lot..ok I'm parked in front of the building but when your leg is f'd.. it seems like a long walk.

I hobble along..I hear my name being called.. F. Who the hell knows me up here..I specifically picked a PT so I wouldn't run into anyone. F. F. AND F.

I slowly turn around........................actually hoping..wishing..praying it could be someone ...perhaps even my crush has come to his senses..but since this is Meik..naw..bruh.. naw sis.. it didn't go down like that.. INSTEAD......

I see Grey speed walking towards me with a big grin on his face, gray chest hairs just blowing in the wind tangled up in that medical alert necklace.

Ain't this about a mofo and a half?!

So I roll my eyes and say "Oh hey".. He catches up to me and starts rambling and stuttering about how good I look (Let me give you a visual..I had on a red MJ Tee, Reebok gym shorts, and white/gray sneakers and my hair was pulled back in a raggely ponytail..I'm not here for his lies) ....

Sir..I'm gonna be late..so...........

Grey: Well, listen I was just wondering why you didn't want to go out with me again. I thought we had fun at breakfast at Bob Evans and the convo was good.

Me: *Blanket Jackson Blank Stare* and then I looked at his hands while he was talking..this ninja's nails are longer than mine!!! WTF?!!!!!!!

*sigh* Sir... No.. WE didn't have fun.. YOU had fun. I don't want to go out with you because I'm not interested and the age difference is entirely too great.

****now for anyone else that has some sense..you would think that answer would suffice right?!***

Grey: I don't understand. I like you and I want to go out again. What you doing later?

Me: I'm gonna be late for PT and I'm busy and we aren't going out..ever.

Grey: Well you know some people your age act like people my age, or people my age act like people your age, so don't knock it til you try it.

*in my head I am thinking..oh I would try it if Jackie Jackson came knocking at my door..or even Denzel..but YOU SIR ARE NOT SESSY! OR ENTERTAINING*

Me: Well, that's not for me, I'd prefer to stick to folks my own age that I have something in common with. Again, I have to go. Nice to see you again..take care.

Grey: Well wait, what are you doing here, you look good tho.

Me: I just told you physical therapy. I had surgery. I gotta go. Wait. Are you going in the same building?!

Grey: You don't look sick. You look good tho.

If this ninja say that ish ONE MORE TIME LIKE I'M GONNA CHANGE MY MIND!

Grey: Actually I'm going to the chiropractor..I got in a car accident,totaled my car, but I'm okay tho. You know I still go to Atlanta every other weekend, so I'm here this weekend if you want to go out.

Me: I don't. But.. well I gotta go .. take care.

I limp off into the building to find the directory so I can figure out where the PT office is..

THIS MOFO................

slides in front of the directory...KNOWING DAYUM HAYLE WELL I AM TRYING TO READ IT!

Grey: So what you doing later.. you like football?

Me: I'm busy. I don't like anything. I am busy. Can you move?!

Grey: Listen, I was thinking about going to a sports bar tonight to watch the game, why don't you meet me there for drinks.

Blink Blink Blink

Clearly that gray hair in his ears is blocking his hearing.. NO NINJA!!!

I find the office location and limp off to the elevator..thinking he finally left.

*ring ring ring*

I start digging in my purse for my phone.. and hear "Hey.. That's me calling you so you have my number! Call me when you get done with your therapy and I'll tell you where I'm watching the game so you can come!"

ldfkjasd;jflakdjfg;kladjfja;kladjsfkds;fljs MOFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just start punching the button for the elevator praying..hoping..wishing..calling on God and all his heavenly angels for this elevator to show up and save me.

I see him walking towards me..and YES the elevator is here.. I limp on and hit the close button before he can even say one more word.

I think I hate him.

Oh, you think that was the end? Noooooooo of course not..someone that persistent doesn't give up that easily. I left therapy and saw he had called 2 more times and left a message saying to call him. I see why he is "allegedly single"... tho I still think he has a wife down in the A.

Of course the weekend didn't go by without several calls (each one sent to ignore.. like this mofo can't even be thrown in the friendship prison..he is in solitary no chance in hell of parole..leave me be!).. even text messages have gotten ignored.

At what point does a mofo just give up and realize I AM NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR OLD ARSE?!

Lawd just typing this has my blood pressure boiling.. I swear tho..I could hear my grandma's laughter in my ear the entire time..

The epitome of a bug-a-boo:

Lesson Learned: Continue showing up late to ish.. cuz showing up early only got my nerves twisted up. On a more serious note, I think the lesson here is to pay attention to the red flags and not give out my mofo'n number or accept any more dates from someone that's "nice".. Dating outchea is rough but doggone it..I'd rather be by myself than deal with a wormy mofo.

What would you guys have done in this situation? How should I handle his continued calls aside from blocking?

Until Later..

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  1. damn girl I tell you this state don't got ish on dating now i know why I'm keeping it to these two guys that are decent and NO woman i have to beat with a stick to get too even thought both they father's are dead and they have been F**** over by women so far so good


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