Lessons learned from my grandmother

Sunday, April 28, 2013

One of the toughest writing assignments that I have ever had to do was to write something to read at my grandmother's funeral. She passed away on April 19th. So with the help of my sister, and 4 cousins, I managed to pull it off.

However, I wasn't sure how it would be received, because ya'll know me, it has to have a smidgeon of humor in it. Anyway, after the funeral, people were coming up to me requesting copies of what I wrote/read at the fune and I thought, wow, I guess it was received fairly well. I was also asked if I would post it here for others to read, and after much thought and a come to Jesus meeting with myself, I decided to post it here. I just pray that my grandmother liked it (which means I don't care if y'all don't like it since it was for HER and not you. mmmk.)

Also, before I get into it.. Thank you again for all of your condolences. I truly appreciate it more than you know. HOWEVERRRRR- the worst questions to ask someone grieving: How are you? Are you okay? Are you feeling better? WTF DO U THINK IS THE ANSWER?! This will be a blog in the making.. for when I can really dig into some ish.. but for now.. Here's the piece I read at the fune. RIP Grandma Sue. I love and miss you so much.


Lessons we learned from our grandmother (4/24/2013)

When I decided to write something to say during the funeral, I just kept staring at a blank piece of paper with tear drops on it. A coworker reminded me about a song her father once wrote, in the song it says when the days and months turn into years, your memories will still bring tears, and there is only a tear drop between when your loved one was there making you smile, laugh, and sometimes cry. The love is the same. The memories are the same. There is only a tear drop separating us.

Our Grandma Sue wasn’t just a grandmother, she was our role model, advice giver, and a teacher of sorts. So my cousins, sister and I have compiled a list of the lessons that she taught us all.

1. Work hard at everything you do, and it will pay off

2. Education is important, so always do your best in school.

3. Young ladies (as in those who share her bloodline) don't wear pants to church, you should always wear a dress/skirt and look lady like (good thing I didn’t tell her that I stay in a pair of pants)

4. Stand tall, pull up your pants, comb your hair, because when you are looking like you’re best, you will be your best.

5. No matter how hard life seems at times, don’t give up because brighter days are coming. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.

6. Never be afraid to speak your mind, never wonder what if, when you can say well why not?

7. She taught the power of being positive. She always used to say if you just put it out of your mind, and think positive, then you’ll forget what’s bothering you and move past it.

8. Watch All my Children and General Hospital -Adam Chandler and Sonny are a mess.

9. How to share, because those biscuits and the pound cake were so delicious you didn’t want to have to give anyone a piece, but she made enough for everyone so you didn’t have a choice but to share.

10. Always wear clean underwear and be dressed like you have some sense out in public, you never know what could happen.

11. A switch doesn’t discriminate.. You act up, you can be dealt with

12. Assume everyone is crazy unless they prove otherwise, after all, you can’t even go to Wal-mart by yourself these days- watch the news (um grandma, I work in the news)

13. Stand up for yourself, don’t let anyone run over you, I can’t tell you the amount of times she tried to step in and handle stuff for us, by saying “You tell them I SAID..”

14. Grandma was also a detective, she would not let it rest until she figured out where I went wrong with my angel food cupcakes that evaporated in the oven, her conclusion weeks later---user error.

We want grandma Sue to know even though she thought we probably weren’t listening, we heard every thing she said and every lesson she taught we have applied to our lives. We thank her for loving us and guiding us. We love her and will miss her dearly, and everything she taught us lives on. Also, Granddaddy you must adjust your schedule and get up on your gossip game because now you will be receiving lots of phone calls when I’m wandering around Target or in Starbucks.

RIP Grandma Sue

Until I see you again..

P.S. In case you're wondering..I swiped that flower from the floral arrangements sent to the family because it reminded me of my grandma, vibrant and bold, strong, and uplifting.

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  1. Your Grandma was "Madea" alter ego with a shot of "Don't Play." Love her words and the positive stain she left on this world! Meik, you were blessed to have Grandma Sue pass through this life! Rest In Paradise, Gran!

  2. I always said she was my ride or die chick and my hype woman..she'd get me so hype and ready to go off on folks that were bugging me at work LOL.. but then she'd say.. don't u go and get fired tho.. LOL. I am definitely blessed to have had her in my life for as long as I did.

  3. Loved this. My dad's mom (pretty much my mom and dad before she passed away when I was 15) tripled as a teacher of life for myself as well. Being young, dumb and full of life...I didn't always heed her advice or place much thought into her messages. As I grew older, and realized much about life, I can honestly say she knew the real about people in general, and different situations that life offers. To the day, I find myself affectionately adding, "My grandmother always said..." when having serious and non-serious discussions with my daughters. As well as referring to a certain life lesson as "old earth."

    To add to your post, do you recall your grandmothers ever comment upon how "bought sense is the best kind of sense?" Lol. God I miss that woman.


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