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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello Mofoville!

Every once in a while you know I welcome a guest blogger.. well this particular post is from a familiar face...

Who Meik?

I'm so glad you asked! Stroll with me down memory lane back to the 90's.. remember the songs "So Alone" and "Use Me" just to name a few?

Yep.. no other than Men at Large *squeals* Sooooooo without further ado (don't I sound all professional n ish?) is this week's guest blogger: Dave Tolliver! *insert applause*

Where is the Love??

I don’t even know how to start, I have so much that I want to say, I need to say! I have been in or around the entertainment biz for over 30 years of my life and cram to understand wtf is going on!

The music biz used to be an elite membership and you had to have certain assets or abilities that set you apart from normal humans. Like being in high school and seeing those guys in their letter-men jackets, you knew they were special and in most cases more talented than everybody else.

(( those were the days when you earned a letter from putting in work, *sigh* I never got a jacket to throw my letter on tho..or wait.. this ain't about me.. carry on Dave))

Thanks Meik.. as I was saying..that’s how music was only those with pure talent got record deals now they let anybody get on, what kind of shit is that?!! I can admit I don’t have any horror stories of what it took to get on, but damn I worked hard at perfecting my craft, my show, and my whole package. Now it seems as if you can do anything sound like anything and the world eats it up.

((*raises hand..Would now be a good time to run down the list of folks that have no talent or nah?))

WTF is wrong with the people why are we depriving ourselves of an ultimate orgasm for a quickie! Music today is like you expecting somebody to put in work and they come up short all the way around. Music during my era and beforehand was like a 2hr love fest sweating, tracks out , head board broke, funky smell in the air, sheets soaking wet , damn I need to smoke a cigarette and I don’t even smoke smash session.

((I swear just that paragraph alone just gave me ever lasting LIFE! TELL EM DAVE! *takes a slow drag off a cig *cough cough*))

With all this love for synthetic talent it is becoming increasingly hard to maintain financially. Promoters are opting to book the younger rap acts, radio won’t even play us, and our demos don’t want to go to some club where the week before some young dude got shot! Where is the thinking of the record execs, the artists that are on top of the game now, do they feel any responsibility consciously to the music they are releasing today, here’s an example:

"I Love My Bitches" "Bandz To Make Her Dance" "I Only Came For The Bitchez and The Drinks!"

((well.. this is the era of ratchet..and folks accept it..and well... ratchet is in..unfortunately *turns up 2 Chainz*))

ANYWAY.. Get my drift most of these artists today especially the so called singers suck.
There are only a hand full of rappers that can rhyme for real. You know I’m right these new artists blow balls. If they would just take the time to practice, research their predecessors and really write about things that mean something. Stop trying to sound like the next so n so, work on being the next you! Make music for the soul songs that will have meaning to us 30 years down the line and so forth. I mean I could talk about this all day but I’m pretty sure Shameika would want me to cut it short.

((Oh no..I'm enjoying this rant..continue Dave.. don't let me interrupt you))

So yeah I know you hear this all the time but I don’t care I’m a starving music legend who is in need of a culture change in the biz. Yes you say I’m bitter f*** yeah, I work hard to maintain what I have and am sick and tired of these new jacks getting a pass for doing nothing see me if you got beef!

((uh oh. blink..blink..blink.. I'm nervous...puts index finger up and tip toes out of this blog post..))

Record execs, radio stations, promoters I’M BEGGING YOU ALL TO RECONSIDER YOUR POSITIONS, help us save the urban side of music because everybody else is winning. We need for our people to be loyal and recognize the real us older artists possess, better shows, more for your buck, better talent in other words the difference between a pure leather couch and a bs vinyl leather looking couch you get from Value City Furniture.


Dave Tolliver ½ of greatest rnb duo of all time Men at Large!
@davetolliver twitter/instagram


So...what do you guys think about the music industry today?

~Until Later..

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