Love DOES Cost a thing

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's shaking Mofoville? Not that dayum Harlem Shake 2013 version that's for sure..but anyhoo..

With this new year I decided it's time to break up with my couch and get out of the house more and meet some new folks. I had heard about this "meet up" thing and decided eh why not?

So this weekend I went to my first Meet Up Group, Sista Girl Saturday to be exact and the topic is what drew me to the event, "The Cost of Love"....

Now, my first instinct was to recall all the time, money, and energy spent into King Mofo and the rest of these lames, but I was curious about what other people had to say about their situations.

Don't get me wrong the meet up was enlightening, but I felt like it turned into a "please tell me how to find a man" type of discussion. *blink*

But for those rare moments the discussion didn't veer to the left, I learned that often times love does come at some cost. So I thought about it, what did it cost me?

5. A monetary value could be inserted here, *punches calculator like Madea* Chrimus presents, birthday presents, dinners, lunch, breakfast, movies, hell rent and car payments (don't give me that look, we've all been a victim of the act crazy as hell for love and some good ding ding syndrome)= an amount that is outta order..

4. Sometimes in love it has cost me my self esteem, especially when you get your heart stomped on, chewed up and spit back at you. Ish hurts, and if you get cheated on, you can't help but wonder..WHY LAWD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! *side note..if you haven't had those kind of thoughts when you've been cheated on..well.. you lying*

3. Love has cost me my good sense at times. How many nights did I wonder where a ninja was, and go driving by his house, complete with my hair scarf on and pj's? *Ladies, don't act like I'm the only one that did this ish in my 20's*

2. Love has cost me other relationships. Being in love, getting my heart and face cracked multiple times by the same dude, makes Meik Meik a gal that just can't trust a mofo, and has the Berlin Wall built up around my lil ole damaged heart and feelings. Over the years I have met some great guys (I'm sure you can't tell by the blog, but hey I only like blogging on the foolishness and ratchet dates) but because I had trust issues and self esteem drama, I I'm looking crazy, healed and ready to love while they are all married and boo'd up. DAMN YOU CUPID!

1. When I thought I was in love with King Mofo, eh hell, I guess I was since I stayed with the bas...I mean dude for 8 years, I lost a part of myself..costing myself.. well..myself. I have done a major disservice to myself because I didn't know who I was without King Mofo. Granted it took a long while, a lot of tears, anger, cursing, and he still drives me insane from afar, but I learned (hence a few blogs ago) I have moved on, and am able to embrace ME...MEIK and love ME.

The one thing that I never paid for because of love, was losing my friends and family. I'm not the type of chick to forget folks just cuz I'm dating someone, hell I need my Meik time. Anyhoo, the point I'm tryin to make here is, you never really realize how expensive that mofo Love can be until you're able to step back and really think about how and what it cost you.
So the moral of the story is Nick Cannon and Christina Milian (ie the movie they were in for the slow folks) and that damn Jenny from the block Lopez lied.. Love DOES cost a few things.

So dear readers in Mofoville.. What has love cost you?

Until later

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  1. Every. Single. One. That you listed. Especially number 1. I think that's the worse part, to lose yourself. I would beat myself up afterward thinking maybe I don't deserve anyone good if I'm stupid enough to fall for the ish that I fell for. But never again.

    But just like you, I moved on. I am healed from all that hurt and I am ready to accept love when it comes. I will pray for discernment though, that way I'll know when it's time to move on and cut my losses before I lose too much again.

  2. It's funny how we never think about these things until someone brings it up then makes us think about it ... thank u for reading and I'm right there with you on the discernment thing! :)


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