My Pink Sky- 10 years later

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy New Year Mofoville!

Now for my first blog of 2013, I could list all my goals and resolutions and all that other bull ish that I'm not going to follow through with OR I could just talk about something else. I vote for something else.

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of the death of one of my favorite singers of the 1990's. Matter of fact.. January 28th to be exact.

Who Meik?

I'm oh so glad you asked, but let me give you some background.

If you know me, or grew up in my neighborhood, then you know my family had a period of time where it seemed like there was nothing but fighting going on all the time, and to drown out the noise, I would take my lil cd player or tape player, plug in my headphones and zone out listening to the sounds of MJ, Janet, and H-Town.

I think I fell in with Dino at the first note that came out of his mouth (Thank you Uncle Luke for discovering this group!!!!)

Y'all know I already lovessssss me a curly haired pretty boy, but add in that sultry voice with those lazy sleepy looking eyes.. hell I wanna throw my pannies now just thinking about it. I digress. Dino, Shazam, and GI or H-Town were and still are one of my favorite groups. I almost think of them as the ones that kept me sane during crazy times. Granted, I really didn't get the gist of wtf they were singing about at the time. Imagine my expression when it finally clicked what they meant by 'Knocking the Boots' or 'Lick U Up' or what they wanted to do in the 'Backseat With No Sheets'.. wheeewwwww woooooo.. I know what I would do with Dino....nevermind..that's not important..

My senior year in high school is one that I will always remember because our senior trip was a day trip to Carowinds in Charlotte, NC and lo and behold guess who performed! yep you got it.. H-TOWN! I remember it like it was yesterday (and as I look at the pictures) they wore all white outfits, no shirts, and I just know in my heart of hearts (even if I'm lying to y'all and myself) that Dino saw me in the crowd cheesing and waving.. big glasses and all LOL.

In college, the first fashion show that I did (thanks to Tim aka Xavier Entertainment may he RIP) we used the Ladies Edition album as the soundtrack for the show. Funny, everytime I hear any song from that album, I can remember what I had on, at what point in the show etc.. anyway.. Fast Forward to January 28, 2003.

I was sitting in the newsroom in Johnson City, TN and I see an alert come across the wires saying Singer Dies in Car Accident. Hmmm... so I'm intrigued, so I click on the link and read the words that I never imagined to everrrrrr in my life see, that Dino aka Keven Conner had passed away in Houston, TX in a car crash. All I could do was hyperventilate and yell HE'S GONE!!!! 10 years later, it's still hard to wrap my brain around the fact that a man with that much talent is no longer with us. In my opinion he is one of the most underrated voices of the 90's. Nobody else had a voice that had just the right amount of raspy-fiyaaah to it, and his ad-libs were INSANE, not to mention he was sexy as hell too and in my head, he was supposed to be my baby deddy!

Anyway, a few years after that I moved to Charlotte and met GI and Shazam, and they are two of the nicest guys. I appreciate the fact that they are continuing to honor Dino's memory by keeping the H-Town name alive and continuing to do shows with the songs that we all know and love. Granted, the show isn't the same, but when you see them on stage and start singing with them, you can feel Dino's presence (and no I don't mean his ghost is there slow bus folks).
I interviewed GI a couple of times, and both times he assured me that they will never replace Dino and you know what, I honestly don't think they can. Keven 'Dino' Conner had a voice to be reckoned with and I still listen to every H-Town album like they just released it yesterday.I also know that whenever I look up and see a "Pink Sky" ..I will always think of Dino and that song. :)

So my question for you guys..if you are an H-Town fan.. what's your fav song/video?

RIP Keven 'Dino' Conner. *muah*

Here's one of my FAVORITE H-Town songs:

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  1. I remember when KNOCKING DA BOOTS came out, I was stationed in GUAM which is like being stationed on a strip mall in Compton California. I had the beer googles on hard one night at the base club and was slow dancing and singing and acting the song out with a straight up wooly mammoth. She had to be an extra in Jurrasic Park or an ameteaur SAMOAN Linebacker...I deserved all the clowning I got for months later. Still love that song till this day.

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  3. LMAO Jon Champion!!!! Im dying over here.... woooooo wooly mammoth!!! *falls out of chair*

    On a more serious note...this was very well written and very touching.

  4. I happen to be 100% completely in love with Keven Dino Conner and my favorite song from H-town is Emotions. I consider this to be our (Keven and I) song. I have my reasons but I won't get into that here. Love you always my king Keven!!

  5. Hi, hopefully you still check this site, but I know the odds are slim. How did Dino look in person? Do you remember what year it was when you saw him your senior year? I also cant believe Dino is good is gone, he was such a talented hottie lol. Did you ever get to meet him or know anyone that does? The fact that you got to see him in person alone makes you god's favorite lol.

    Loved reading this!

    1. Hi T Love, I definitely still check and post here weekly. :) I saw Dino in 1995-- he was BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet him, but I've known GI for years and actually just recently interviewed him and Shazam on my youtube channel-- here's the link to it: Let me know what you think! Thank you for checking out this blog!

    2. If that doesn't let you click on the link-my YouTube channel is Check the Rhymes TV. :)


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