Nothing Even Matters

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey y'all!

Nothing Even Matters... I suppose that could be the case if you're all in love and ish..but me personally, a lot matters at the moment (like why the f didn't I buy some ice cream? and did the dryer kill off some of my socks? and why did I take such a late nap knowing dayum hell well I'll be awake the rest of the night?)..but anyhoo..Nothing Even Matters just so happens to be one of my fav songs from Ms. Lauryn Hill and my boo D'Angelo (Ok in my head but hell, don't bust my bubble right now)and if you don't know that song.. you better get on right now and listen to it...Then come back over here..

So....welcome back if you ran to youtube to listen to the song.. now.. back to the biznass at hand.. The video I have posted is of my homie Rudy Currence (with his cute self) and Meelah (Yeah THE MEELAH from 702). They did their own take of the song Nothing Even Matters and this is actually the first time I've tried embedding a video on here (I swear I impress myself when I don't munk ish up) but anyway..back to the their rendition of the song let's just say...I LOVE IT! But take a listen for yourself!

They have me wanting to run out and find me a boo that will have me thinking nothing even matters...

So.. what do you think? (about the video..not me finding a boo LOL)

Until Later..

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