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Friday, January 27, 2012

What's happenin fam?

Seems I have another guest blogger this week! (this is where you get excited)...As comments will be sprinkled throughout.. ENJOY!

Guest Blogger: Ashley Poag is a Marketing Specialist and Blogger for

Since when did it become ok for you to violate all social norms and human decency just because you are on the dayum internet! It looks like there are a lot of grown ass men out there that need to take an internet etiquette course. Why do I say that?
Well, I was minding my own business, working late and yes signed into Facebook when suddenly I heard the little “BOOP” sound indicating that I had a message. Great! Nothing like some late night chit chat to break up the monotony. Well, is it bestie? long time whoever? Or cousin so and so? Nope, it’s a random ass dude from high school (RADFHS). What does he want? Never really talk to him, barely even know him.

((Meik: now see.. this ain't finna go good at all. If it's a random dude you don't know or barely talk to.. RUN.. listen to auntie Meik.. I've learned my lesson about idle chit chat ish with mofos))

RADFHS: Hey how do I know you?

I thought this was strange but, maybe he is doing some late night, clean out my friends’ list type of stuff. Hey! I do it from time to time. You know, get rid of the mofos you don’t actually know, or want to know, the spammers etc. So, I proceed with the conversation. We discover yes, we went to the same high school, rode the same bus, had some mutual friends and then…

RADFHS: Yes, wow! You do look familiar Cute (**side eye** hmm k)

((Meik: blink. blink. blink. now see, if he didn't know you, WHY are you entertaining this mofo??!! Why jog his rabbit arse memory .. his game is wack))

Me: uh Thanks, you have a beautiful wife and kids too (Don’t start nothing won’t be nothing right? Smdh, so very wrong)

((Meik: blink. blink. blink.))

RADFHS: I’m bored (At this point you’d think I would know to exit the conversation. But, I didn’t)

Me: Well, I’m taking a break from work, so you’re cool

RADFHS: I’m actually doing something but I can’t say..I’m ashamed (**record skip**)

Me: (*PAUSE*) WELL, I hope it’s legal

RADFHS: not smoking or drinking but if you really want to know. I’m sorry but I’m beating off.

((Meik: *spits drink out* now what now?!!! Heck's naw.. LOG OFF IMME-JET-LEY!! He needs to go handle his bodily functions with his wife.. whew chile hellz nawl.. this calls for a UNFRIEND and BLOCK!))

Me: Wow that’s so disrespectful and gross and I can clearly see you are married.. So do me a favor and delete this before your wife checks your messages..And I will pretend you were either drunk or someone hacked your profile and this conversation never happened.

((Meik: Ma'am. Girl. HELLLURRRRRR.. why are you still talking to this nasty arse mofo??!! Why are you telling him how to protect himself from the wrath of his wife?! You should have BEEN done logged off the dayum internet!))

And then ish got real different…

RADFHS: Oh this not (RADFHS) this his home boy, he’s not on, he left. This his friend **hee-honk** I hope I didn’t offend you but you asked but any way let’s start over hell (RADFHS) left is Facebook open and I thought I would browse for beautiful women.

((Meik: Bye MOFO...that arse is LYING.. DELETE. BLOCK. THE END))

People what kind of jack arse does something like this? I will tell you, someone that simply don’t know how to act! Just because you on the dayum internet does not mean you can say and do whatever the hell you wanna do. Being the Dick Tracy type of chick that I am, I had to investigate RADFHS’s friends list to see if the name that he gave me was on there. And, sure enough either this donkey was so dumb he gave up the little bit of anonymity that he had and gave me his name OR the “W” word scared the ish out of RADFHS and he threw his homeboy under the bus. Men do me and all innocent women, who are minding their own business out there on the World Wide Web, a favor: if this is you or your home boy please go get yourselves some netiquette.

Meik: I do believe the lesson learned here is F that idle chit chat ish with random folks..if it's THAT important, tell em to inbox you wtf they wanna say. If you don't know HOW we know each other, that's fine.. just don't take it to that next level with all that nasty dirty talk and you got a wife in the other room. Sir. BYE. I leave you with this: Would you want your significant other online trying to holla at other people and talking dirty to them? No? Oh. RESPECT is still a virtue that mofos have yet to learn. *sigh*

Stay Classy with some sense please!

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  1. Ashley and mofo... you should do what I do about unfamiliar mofos out there in FB world that think they know me... I leave them in FB limbo... that's the page where some unsuspected person that I don't know, remember, or don't see that I have befriended in my book. Its called a friends list meaning folks I feel are cool enough to be on that list, so that the random chit chat and out landish comment can never come to light without them knowing I know them well enough that should they act cray, embarassment will surly set in. Lol and all our mutual friend may find out lol. There comes a split sec. when you can choose to click accept or do what I do leave them in FB limbo. I'm 45 limbo friend request in and not ashamed to say and leave them there... I don't know You world. Lol ( excuse typos misspells and grammar, written from cell)

  2. LOL...typical mofos on FB


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