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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heyyyy Mofo Chronicle-ites!

The good news is I have FINALLY graduated from grad school! YAY..
The bad news is....well.. you might wanna sit down for this one and promise you won't laugh.

Once-ta-pon a time.. I came up with the bright idea that in honor of my idol, future ex uncle in law the late great Michael Jackson I would do something just extra-specialastic.

On August 29th in honor of his 53rd birthday, I took my non cooking arse to the store, bought all the makings of what was gonna be "a healthy dessert"...

eh.. you already know this didn't go the way it should have right?

What happened Meik?

As usual..I'm oh so glad you asked.

KNOWING damn full well, I had a headache, I decided that since I promised MJ in my head that I would make birthday cupcakes in his honor..I MUST forge ahead.. I would hate to disappoint the King of Pop.. (yes I know he wouldn't be able to enjoy the cupcakes..but after you read this..well nevermind.. just keep reading..)

So.. I mix up the ingredients.. Angel Food Cake Mix.. just add water.. stir... my fav kind of recipe. Now, I know some of you are wondering WHY I picked this cake mix.. well.. the box said fat free..that's all I needed to know and I figured with a lil sugar free frosting..this would be semi healthy..right? *shrugs*

So the instructions on the box say that if you make cupcakes you'll end up with 30-35 cupcakes.. hell I might as well have a bake sale, but anyhoo.. I decide I'm only making 12 and throwing the rest of the batter out.. YES I WASTED FOOD AND WHAT?
Don't give me that look.. I have ish to do rather than sit here baking all got doggone night.

So anyhoo.. I put the ish into the lil cupcake thingies and slide into the oven..
moonwalking in the kitchen..sliding around in my socks..singing about cupcakes and Billie Jean.. but, I keep checking to make sure its not overflowing b/c Angel Food cake rises higher than MJ's pants..so, after 20 minutes, I'm thinking ok..this should be ready to come out soon.. I check again.. and what do I find..





the cupcake thingies.. empty. No that's not true.. not completely empty.. a lil cupcake residue is left. 12 mofo'n cupcakes..GONE into THIN MOFO'N AIR!!!

You see the pic..the evidence dontcha? Some of my twitter tweepz said put frosting on it and eat the cupcakes anyway.. look closely.. AINT ISH TO FROST!!

If this ain't the debbil's work I don't know what is.

Unless God just knew, I wasn't supposed to eat 12 cupcakes, cuz I dang sho nuff wasn't planning on sharing.


I like to think MJ just got greedy and swooped down when I wasn't looking and carried em back to heaven with his angel wings.. otherwise I'd be at the grocery store tomorrow demanding my money back for these lying ass Angel Food cake mix box instructions that say I can make cupcakes with this ish.

Lesson Learned:
Angel Food cake mix AIN'T to be used for cupcakes..not even for MJ. Next time I'm sticking to wtf I know.. going to the bakery where the ish is already made. Please don't tell my future ex husband..he might think I don't know my way around a kitchen..and trust me.. I know where to hide the ish that's pre-made. LOL..

Happy Birthday MJ .. You are missed!

With L.O.V.E


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  1. LMAO! Meika, I thought I was the only one who still struggled like that! I feel better now.....LOL.....(Have to let you know I just laughed out loud in my office while reading this).....

  2. Too funny!!!..this would only happen to you..See, you should have been paying more attention to cooking than "cheerleading"!!!!..lol

  3. that's what yo ass get for not even offering to bring me any when they was done!!! Perfect opportunity to take your butt whoopin in the MJ Experience! LOL

  4. WOW...Where do they do that at? Who even makes angel food cake these days? Thank goodness I was smart enough to kindly decline those invisible crumbs...

  5. Meik~

    WOW! I cracked my side laughing. Bless your heart. We won't tell the future hubbie! 


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