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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey Fam!! *blows the cobwebs off the blog* I AM BACK! I don't know if you missed me, but I sure missed you guys! Anyhoo.. I felt like this blog posting was appropriate since the crazy arse that inspired it was just found guilty of murder on Friday..

The blog is a throwback from 2009 when I was blogging for Creative Loafing Charlotte.. but the message is still an important one..Enjoy!


Boy meets girl. Boy invites girl over to his house. Girl goes over there and is never heard from again.

Sadly, this scenario occurs most often than not, and most recently in the news with one of the mofos of the year in Cleveland, Ohio.

Oh come on now, if you haven’t been getting your daily dose of CNN, then I suggest you run to the nearest TV: but here’s a Meik version recap, pay attention this is gonna go fast:

An ex marine, convicted rapist/sex offender lures 11 (or more) women to his crib, kills them all, buries them in and around the house like they are nothing but pieces of home decor.

Caught up now? Good. Let’s proceed.

I get that it’s cute and gives you the sniggles when you meet a new Romeo or Juliet and you click, sparks are flying everywhere and all you want to do is spend time with them.

Now, that’s all fine and good, but with the way folks are raising crazy mofos like farmers are growing veggies and ish, you gotta be careful with who you spend time with. I spoke it on it before and all I can do is hope you go back and read the blog called Screening is Essential.

Now, Meik is one cautious chick, granted I think everyone and their mammy is crazy until proven otherwise, but until I’ve had the chance to screen you, there will be NO visiting the house; mine or yours mmk?!

And as for buying me a drink? You got a sista munked up if you think I’m sending you to the bar ALONE to get me a Bacardi and sprite — date rape drug — HELLO??!!!

Going back to the case of the crazy mofo in Cleveland, I, for the life of me cannot understand how or why even women under the influence of crack, alcohol, or any damn thing could remotely listen to his ass and follow him back to his house. Has anyone seen what he looks like?! Granted looks aren’t everything but come on, really?! Further more, I’m not understanding how his small ass (stench and all, because you know that house was funkier than hell and I’m almost positive the smell was coming out his nasty lil pores, but I digress) but I’m not getting why on first sniff, these women didn’t run like hell or try to drown his ass in some soap and water.

Again, I digress, clearly this case has struck a nerve and a half with me.

But if you just HAVE TO please remember the following important things if you don’t listen to shit else I ever say or read another word I write:

1. Always tell someone where you are going, and if you have no friends or fam to speak of, keep your cell phone handy to call 911.

2. Just like my grandma told me, I’m telling ya’ll — Never leave home without your best friend: MACE.

3. If you just have to go to the person’s house. Don’t go alone, take someone with you. However, I just wanna know what happened to meeting folks in public places when you haven’t known each other very long?

4. Google is another good friend, and hell nowdays so is all the social networking sites, you know someone is gonna know his/her crazy ass. Do your research ahead of time so you don’t get caught up in no crazy situations.

5. This one is just for future reference: if you go to a mofos house and it smells rotten as hell in there oh let’s say like decomposing bodies. It probably ain’t the damn trash that stinks — that mofo probably been up to no good — don’t you watch Lifetime Movie Network?!

Lesson Learned: Stay alert, and always notify someone of where you are going. But if all else fails, kick that mofo where the sun don’t shine and RUN! Be safe out there fam

Love ya'll!

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  1. Well said Meik!!!!...There are a lot of crazies out there, so please folks (especially all you women) be very careful before accepting any invitations anywhere and keep the "mace" available!!!!!!!!!!


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