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Friday, June 24, 2011

What's happenin fam? Many of you that follow my blog know I posted a Letter to My First Love after MJ passed away in 2009. With it being 2 years on 6/25 I felt like writing another one. It's kind of rough, but I wanted to share it with you..
With the L.O.V.E


Dear MJ,

It’s been two long years since God called you home, and you were Gone too Soon.
I Remember the Time when I first fell in love..
I was a PYT when I first heard your voice through my parents stereo, every note, lyric and the beat made me want to Rock With You and Blame it on the Boogie. I couldn’t help but ask Who Is It and I learned very quickly that you were about to be responsible for forever changing the world of music as we knew it at the time.
As I sat glued to the television watching you debut the infamous moonwalk across the stage. I dreamed that just maybe I could one day be a Dancing Machine.. then I realized me with my accident prone self trying to slide across the floor in my socks could be Dangerous.
I respected your hustle, because your diligence, creativity, persistence, and phenomenal talent broke down barriers and paved the way for the future. I thank you for that, because who knows where the state of music and music videos would be today.
I still can't watch Thriller without remembering the sleepless nights I had wondering if a mummy was going to bust out of the floor and snatch me up. But that never stopped me from wanting to be the object of your affection in your short films aka videos, but that’s just The Way You Make Me Feel, like I could be your Liberian Girl changing the world just like in the movies. Sometimes, I often thought to myself, I Wanna be Where You Are, but then again, in my head I was your Girlfriend. Sounds Off the Wall doesn’t it?
I love that there is no other performer that could bring an entire crowd to tears with just their mere stage presence without uttering a single word…that uncanny ability is Bad.
No matter how big of an international sensation you became, you took the time to try to Heal the World and make sure that we knew that it was time to make a change by starting with the Man in the Mirror.
When others tried to imitate you, I wanted them to just keep it In the Closet because it just wasn't the same.
While some wondered about your eccentric ways, I knew better. Game recognizes game. You knew just how to strike a chord with your finely tuned public relations savvy..but when it got out of hand and the tabloids kept hitting you below the belt, seems like they always Wanna be Starting Something, but you didn't let that deter you. Instead you retaliated and told them in only a way that you can, Leave Me Alone...
Al Sharpton called it like it was.. you were never what they referred to as a freak, you just learned how to deal with a freakish situation. No one could possibly understand being in the public eye for more than 40 years. Then again, it’s the media, They Don’t Care About Us, so I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to have to Scream! I would have told all of those mofos to Beat It!

As I got older, I felt I had to Ease on Down the Road but I never strayed too far. I began my affair with hip hop, and R&B. Say, Say, Say, I found out the hard way, none of them could hold a candle to you. I came back, and This Time Around, I wasn’t going anywhere. My love for you was Unbreakable.
As the years went by, I barely recognized you, but, it never really mattered to me if you were Black or White because you still gave me Butterflies. Every song, every video, every dance step made me want to Jam and to this day, I still do.

Finally, at 50 years old you uttered the words I longed to hear... you announced your comeback tour, I knew that at that moment, the King of Pop was back and I could once again Smile... music was about to return to the way it should be, the way I remembered...
But before you could hit the stage, the unthinkable happened.
Your final curtain call came sooner than expected. This is it.
June 25, 2009 my heart shattered into pieces as I watched the news in absolute horror..all I could do was blink and blank stare at the TV and at my twitter timeline..and whisper Tell me I’m Not Dreaming.

Because just like that..
Another Part of Me now gone from my Childhood.
A world without MJ means there Ain’t no Sunshine.. And I can’t continue to question Why so I just have to chalk it up to Human Nature. I suppose there’s no exact way to tell the angels that Heaven Can Wait, because You Can’t Win that battle.
Besides, God needed you to entertain his heavenly angels. Don’t you worry, I no longer Cry but instead I celebrate the legacy you left behind because I Just Can’t Stop Loving You.One thing is for certain,
I Never Can Say Goodbye to my first love...especially to a man that crooned to me I’ll be There.. if only we had One More Chance.
You will be in my heart Forever Michael..
RIP Michael J. Jackson, King of Pop


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  1. Very well written...I know a lot of people that should keep it in the closet..for various reasons!! (Oh and FYI...I read the whole thing..not the first 2 lines!!)

  2. Meika,
    Great job!!..This is one of the best blogs you have written!!..You certainly have a gift for writing and hopefully one day a huge magazine will hire you!!..So proud of you...

  3. Oh wow!!! This is the sweetest letter I've read in a long time. What a wonderful way to describe Michael and what he meant to us all. This was just great.

  4. Wonderfully written!

  5. Awh!!! This was great this is the first one I ever read. I follow you on twitter and we've had some funny last night replies lately so I decided to check you out! You articulate your passion well!!! KUDOS!!! @MsChat81


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