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Saturday, December 04, 2010

What's up fam?

Well.. lucky for you, I'm about to tell you what's up..

In just a few hours..one of the most anticipated albums will drop.. lawd chile..ladies, I must tell you right now.. you will need to have that man/jumpoff on speed dial cuz when you hear what is on this cd, chile..you gonna need that crawlspace checked quick fast and in a hurry..

Men..I know you gonna love the album too..trust me, there's something for everyone on there.

What album is it Meik?

I'm oh so glad you asked...

Now, if you're just joining me on The Mofo Chronicles, you may not know, but I have featured Mr. Daron Jones before and if you are a regular, then I'm sure you remember the blog.. ANTYHOO..since his album release date of December 5th is around the corner, I thought I'd re-introduce him to everybody..see how nice I am?

Allow me to re-introduce you to the man with a familiar face with a voice we all came to know and lust after..ahem.. I mean love..

Take a stroll back with me to the mid 90's.. "Cupid", "Peaches and Cream", "It's Over Now"...ring a bell?.. yessir.. it's THE Daron Jones.. one fourth of the Grammy award winning group that is stepping out on his own..

Let me tell ya'll a secret.. Daron is one of the most nicest guys that I have ever met. Straight up, no bullshittahh and is very humble and down to earth. This man can sang his face off, inspire and motivate you, and have you laughing hysterically all in the same breath. (This is why I love he.)

So who is Daron Jones?

When I asked him this question a few months ago.. his answer was simple, straight to the point: He's the self proclaimed R&B Godfather the ONLY Don Da Da.. he's also a singer, musician, songwriter, and producer. (Fine and talented!..*clutching my pearls*)

What continues to amaze me is how people have no idea just how extensive his resume is. My smart response is GOOGLE HIM.. but since I know some of ya'll can be lazy mofos, here's a quick rundown:

He's responsible for my anthem: Keyshia Cole's "I should've cheated", as well as a string of hits from artists such as the late great Notorious BIG, 112 of course, R Kelly, Usher,and Jamie Foxx just to name a few.

Daron Jones new solo project is titled "Uncensored"... Jones says "The title comes from me coming into this business at the age of 17 and having to do what I was told and being musically censored. I'm grown now and as a solo artist I can stand on my own, can get whatever I need to off my chest and speak out using my voice and be uncensored."

While most of you are used to his image with 112 being the "Gentlemen of Bad Boy"..he's taken on a new direction and simply being himself. "The main difference you'll find is in my lyrics, they are bold and its a fusion of all of my musical influences that range from gospel to jazz to hip hop," says Jones.

Now that you know who Daron Jones is.. get to know him better musically..WHERE WILL YOU BE DECEMBER 5th? Betta be buying "Uncensored".

Follow Daron on twitter @Daronjonesmusic (he follows back and tweets his fans!), check out his website and interact with fans, buy "Uncensored" on his website daronjonesmusic.ning.com.

Until later..stay fab and encouraged!

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  1. Awww... I'm so proud of Daron and wish him the best!! I've already orderd his cd and can't wait to get it! He is very down to earth an from what I've seen on USTREAM, he can act a daaayyyuuum fool! I just love it! I've enjoyed listening to the new tracks that he has played on USTREAM and can't wait to add them to my mp3 player!! Much Love..

  2. Don't you usually wear a scarf if you're cold? THen why does he have on short T-shirt!?! LOL!


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