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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What up fam?

Gawd...I hates me an ignorant mofo...Gawd knows I do..

It amazes me that in 2010..soon to be 2011 that we still have folks talking and writing like they have a starring role in the got dayum Color Purple...I wrote this blog a couple of years ago.. and thought it was ONLY fitting that I bring it back since the ish is still going on.. ENJOY!


Sometimes when I read stuff that is ALLEGEDLY supposed to be professional..I have to wonder if mofos realize just how ignorant they sound.

Don't get me wrong, I understand there's the whole "ebonics" craze and how its oh so cool to sound half azz illiterate...but come on now..if you are promoting your business or event...can you at least SPELL CHECK that mofo? Trust don't take but a sec..

It's not even the misspellings that are the worst part...its the grammar all together..if you aren't sure how to string together an intelligent sentence so that folks know the basics..(for those of you who don't know...follow me here..) WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, AND DAYUM HOW...

I can't get ANY of that information from 2 sentences talking about "Big ups and bee here and F all the hataz and bring gusets"...WTF? I feel like I need a dang mofo decoder to read it...and yeah the ish is usually spelled just like I wrote it..see now ya'll was thinking I was the ree ree huh?

It is so frustrating to want to support my brothas and sistas but if you can't take the time to present your product in an effective manner..WTF makes you think that me or hell anyone else is gonna even wanna throw our lil dollars your way? All that makes me do is think that your product is hood fab and I ain't interested...(well those of you who do hood-fab..more power to you..but this my dayum blog lol)

Maybe I'm just being anal since I spend all day copy editing news scripts and writing...and I just can't tolerate pure d- dayum ignorance...who knows...

Don't get me wrong..I blog and abbreviate and change the spellings of things but I write like I talk and you can clearly get where I'm going with what I'm trying to say...however I'm not trying to get you to spend money, boost my f'in ratings, and I dayum sho don't care if you like what I write LOL...I'm just doing my public service announcement for the day...

Lesson Learned:

Use a dictionary, spell check..hell HIRE SOMEONE to write your f'in e-blasts, flyers, tweets, and facebook invites or if you are gonna show your azz on tv..look up the f'in words or ASK SOMEONE...gawd...if that don't work...send your work over to someone to look it over if you know dayum well u aint finished damn middle school and never learned how to diagram sentences and ish LMAO...yeah I took it there..but I still hates me an ignorant mofo...

Stay fantabulous and fierce...and educated!


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  1. Lol! I was thinking the same thing the other day....smh... Great post, I hope some get the message ¡! CM

  2. .lol there's a new thrift store in my parent's town, I was going to check it out until I read their sign that said, "REDUCE, REUSE, RECICLE". I got mad, yelled aloud, and drove away. Never did check out that spot ...

  3. PREACH ON MEIK!!!!!!!!!! Its so odd how some folks try to be so intelligent and can't even "spell" this blog makes some folks do a spell check before posting..LSY



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