A Tantrum Fit for a Mofo

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What up fam?

For the past few days I've been trying to come up with a funny knee slapping HEE-larious type of blog..but I just haven't been in the mood to laugh. Why Meik? Glad you asked.

I'm not even sure how to put this into words without all the Bible thumpers, and Prayer Warriors coming out the woodworks.. but lemme preface it with this: SHUT UP..I DON'T WANNA HEAR IT.. its my blog and ill whine if i want to.

Lately as I approach yet another birthday in less than a month, I'm faced with the same thing that I promised myself wouldn't happen this year.. SINGLE, CHILDLESS, in a JOB that I'm not sure I can go anywhere with, and eh well that's enuff ain't it? Throw in the mix some parents that are itching for a son in law and some grand kids and I'm left feeling like a failure at times.

I take a step back, look at my group of "friends and acquaintances" and I realize: I'm tired of being happy that they got married, had ANOTHER kid, got the romantic nite of their lives, got engaged, met someone special, got a new job, got an opportunity of a lifetime..hell, I could go on and on.. but you get the point. I CANT DO IT ANYMORE. I just want the tables to turn ..JUST ONE TIME!!! Is that so much to ask??? Every time I swear I'm done with baby showers, and weddings another one of you mofos come with the "hey I got good news....."

Now before you get it twisted..don't come at me with the "well what are you doing to make it happen?" Child please.. there's only so much a person can do.. I mean hell, I can't make a mofo like me..I can't make a mofo date me, I can't make a mofo want to work around my crazy azz work schedule, I can't make a mofo give me a job if it's not meant for me, and I can't shove a screenplay down someones throat that don't wanna read it, and I dayum sho can't make a mofo read a blog... So when I tell you I have exhausted all avenues over the years that I know how to get to what I want. trust me.. just cuz I don't blog, tweet, facebook, or text, or call a mofo about it doesn't mean I haven't been behind the scenes hustling..

((insert Bible thumpers and prayer warriors response and promptly ignore cuz I dont wanna hear it today))

What brought this mini tantrum on might you ask? oooooh I don't know.. finding out that every person you know seems to be progressing in life and I seem to be stuck in a pit of quick sand mighta done it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed I realize that.. but again..its my blog and I'll whine if I want to.

All I want is to write, and be in love. That simple. The end.

There's one thing tho that I try to remember a good friend once told me: If you wear a size 7, and that opportunity is a size 6.. you can't fit into that..its not for you. Keep pushing forward til you find that size 7.

End of tantrum.. well this portion of it..

Until Later..

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  1. awe meik it will be ok. many of us are single. it happens. I have like someone for some time but we have kind of separated. Things will get better. I am sure your work people are there for you! Love you with all my heart and then some!

  2. Well since I have been asked not to Bible thump or hurl blessed oil at you, I will say this...asking why not me, why not now and why not him are all viable questions. But you are asking the wrong person! I won't tell you who to ask but I promise He is not reading your blog. He likes one-on-one communication. And from personal experience, what the HELL is the rush? When you get tired of the club, that's not the second you ready for marriage, family, etc. That's the time it gets quiet enough for you to hear what's really going on in your life. Time for some self evaluation. Do not sit around and ponder. Get busy pursuing things that helps others and forget about you! That's when you find yourself and the things you want. Obviously, they are not where you are looking now. I know, thick meat, chew slowly. SMOOCHES. #imdone

  3. LOL.. Karla- Trust me.. i didn't blog what I REALLLLLLLYYYYY wanted to .. God knows those thoughts and has heard them for years..

    The rush..I WANT THE CAREER I WANT NOWWWWWW!!! this isn't just about getting a man blah blah.. it's too long for me to go into in a blog..but of course it seems like I'm just complaining and not doing something.. Ive been on this journey for years and I'm gonna leave it at that..

    This particular blog just came out of some feelings I was having after it seemed like every last friend i had decides all the same time to have some sort of announcement of some sort..its a blog of frustration...that I had to get out of my system ..not meant to really dissect and read too much into..but I'm sure other chicks/or even guys reading this blog may feel the same way.. THAT is why I posted it.. THAT is why I write.. in hopes that I can help someone with something they are going thru..in my own lil special way :-)

  4. Anonymous.. my work people? uhhhhh depends on the ones u talkin bout LMAO..

  5. I know that you don't want to hear this, but just hang in there and try to be a little more patient, because your due season will soon come upon you just when you least expect it!!!

  6. In due time, everything will fall in place.

  7. You have to do something drastically different if you want change. Step out on some serious faith and take the big leap. I'm wondering why the hell you haven't published the book, started the book tour, where is the publicist? Pack some bologna sammiches and hit the road with an intern. You have plenty of friends and sorors to crash with while you make your dreams come true! You know you have a place to stay at in the ATL shawty )

  8. I can't blog about right now what leap of faith I have taken..so in due time, I hope to share good news in the next few weeks.. BUT i dont eat no dayum bologna sammichs LMAOOOO.. and the book thing.. my heart wasn't in that.. while I wrote one.. I don't have a desire to put that out right now.. I have other things I'm focused on right now.. but HOPEFULLY.. God willing.. I can share that soon.. but dang I do need to find me an intern and a publicist.. good idea!

  9. Like illnesses that are genetic and passed down from generation to generation...you suffer from the one that is passed from woman to woman..it's called Societal Acceptance. Embrace yourself..man..things that look shiney on the outside (friends in relationships, the person that looks like they have the job EVERYBODY would want) aren't always as shiney as they appear. Usually, if asked, they might say they would trade places with you in a heart beat..enjoy the moment..even if it's alone...even if it's employed somewhere wack..because you never know when the moment will change and you have some bug-a-boo callin you askin you where you at, why yuo aint home, needing money, or lookin for a sharpie to write 'I'll Blog for Food' because that deadend job died and left you in mourning!..Head Up. Shoulders back. Smile on face. *Prayer Warrior Mofo quote* Faith that you living your plan. Vout

  10. Aww Meik I feel you dog. Now whine today and keep it moving tomorrow. you are entitled to this vent! Have a great weekend!


  11. Well...The bright side about this, is that YOU have me :-) *that is all* lol

  12. I feel you on this...it's ok to vent. A good vent and cry is a good release for the soul sometimes...

  13. Good things come to those who wait? HA! I know you don't want to hear that right now either. I fully understand. All of my friends are happily married and popping kids out right and left. I think we just have to have faith sometimes it will all work out as it is meant to. Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!!


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