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Monday, August 02, 2010

What's up fam?

It's been a minute since I've had the opportunity to spotlight someone in my blog, and this particular person that I chose to focus on is full of knowledge and has lots of talent and...well, I could write a book about this brotha, but I'm excited that he's taking all of that and paying it forward with his latest endeavor.

Who is it Meik?

Allow me to re-introduce a man that really needs no introduction: Mr. Michael Keith...

Take a trip with me down memory lane.. all the way back to when music was REAL music...remember the days of "Peaches and Cream", "You Already Know" or the fiyaaahh vocals on "I'm a Playa"?

You may recall Michael Keith aka Mike, as a member of one fourth of the Grammy award winning platinum group 112.

I had the chance to sit down and talk to Mr. Keith about the chance of a lifetime he's offering for folks serious about their craft: singing....(yes ladies I was clutching my pearls during this entire convo...a brotha is fine and his voice is niiiiiice! but I digress..)

Michael Keith's latest venture is into the world of vocal coaching. His reasons are simple, “I was always complaining about the lack of skill in a lot of young people aspiring to be in the music business, so I decided it's time to do something about it. I want to educate them because there's a difference between being a singer versus being a musician. "

Some of you may not know that Mike, although blessed, with his "million dollar voice", had to train his voice and it didn't happen overnight. "I had several years of opera training thanks to one of my high school teachers that saw that I had talent. I thank that teacher for taking the time to teach me the skills and now it's time for me to pass on that same knowledge to others."

That's what I like to see... a brotha that's blessed taking the time to give back... (And allow me to thank Mike's high school teacher and anyone else that influenced him...cuz good lawwwd I could listen to him sing all day...)

So I bet now you're wondering how you can become a student of this Grammy award winning artist?
I'm glad you asked... so pay attention this is gonna go fast...

1. Mike is based in Atlanta, but don't worry.. he's NOW offering lessons via Skype.. so unless you're willing to put in that work... well... you already know what I'm about to say...

2. Price: $40/hr with a minimum of 4 sessions a month... (For you short bus mofos that's $160 and WE don't take personal know how ya'll do...and a deposit is and's, ifs, or but's about it.)

3. These are one on one session's, so you get his undivided attention (I'm so jealous right now and if only God had given me the ability to sing I'd be right there...)

4. Don't get it twisted though, it's not all about 'do're'meeeee... Mike plans on making sure you know music theory... you have to know what you're singing, why you're singing it, to work on how to sing it... if you get my drift... in layman’s gotta know where you came from to get to where you're going..

5. ONLY the SERIOUS need to apply. Mike isn't in the business of miracle working, that's God's job, but he does plan to help you train your voice and enhance your singing abilities. "It's a lengthy process, it doesn't just happen overnight or in a couple of sessions," says Mike. (So if you're looking for a quick fix to a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard, this probably ain't the way you wanna go, I'm just saying...)

If you're interested in putting those vocal chords to work make sure you follow Mike on twitter @MKEITHSHAWDY, friend him on Facebook at, and/or you can email him for more information: Tell him I sent you. And when you start raking in the Grammy’s, don't forget Meik! Lol...

Until Later...

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  1. Great interview and love the details. I would like to see Meik create an after-school music program (parent's pay anyway) and catch the babies before their virgin mouths become a devil's den of vulgarity. All he has to do is package what u outlined and partner w/after-school agency and voila, he will inspire musical protégés.

  2. Very informative!...Good luck to the brotha...but I will say this...out of what number that take him up on his offer will get their 15 mins of fame...I know folks that can sang they a*s off..but it (the deal..the chance...the dream...the success) has never happened for them..oh well...I'll follow the dude on twitter...maybe I can follow the movement on there!

  3. Thank u both for reading and for the comments!

    Chris.. maybe its just not their season yet? (i hate that ish when folks say it to me..i just thought i'd say it to someone else LOL).. but seriously.. Ultimately, it's up to God who gets that 15 minutes of fame.. all these folkz can do that can sang their faces off is continue to work hard and have faith that it'll happen. that's my sermon for the day..that is all. LOL

  4. That's not a bad deal! Nowadays, people aren't making money off "just" their voice or the actual talent. We definitely need REAL music to come back! Hopefully his movement will allow that to happen! Great feature blog!

    Bridgette Alese

  5. I always read your posts and you know Im kinda a fan :). You always give the facts, but never leave out your personality. Many people can't do that. t makes your perspective fresh and your posts more interesting than most. Great interview and great post. Keep em comin ...

  6. Wonderfully written...entertaining:) Wish I was in ATL!!!!! Glad he's willing to be part of the solution instead of just complaining about the "talent" in the industry now. And it's still affordable, what a gift!

  7. Thank u guys for reading! And u know my personality will always be injected into anything I write..and I'll have to do another blog on that before I go off into a rant on here LOL..

  8. I commend Mike for giving back to his community by providing vocal lessons/valuable insights/industry 101 for an affordable, unbeatable playa discount that anyone (even chronically broke 'artists') can afford.

    To me, it's a necessary step outside the box that more R&B artists, managers & marketing pros should take to save their slowly dying genre/movement.

    Meik, this was a great look for both you and Mike, and I hope more bloggers use their influence to support these types of community-based initiatives.

  9. Amen Alejandro! You said what I was going to say!!

  10. Wow! That cat is teaching mofos music theory too!?! Daaang! That takes years of study. AND several hours per session just to go over the concepts. Does he have a degree in music education or something? $40/hr over the course of 3 years, get you about 30 students, that's pretty good money.

  11. Dekaynon, he is actually trained to sing Opera. If you've been in tbe industry as long as he has and can't teach music theory then something is wrong.

  12. Thank you Anonymous.. Michael Keith definately has the skillz and training to teach any type of music course he wants :-)


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