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Friday, July 02, 2010

What up Fam?
Lemme give you some insight into the most dumbazztical phone convo I had last nite from a blast from the past:

Him: So what are you trying to do next?

Me: I'm trying to make this writing thing happen..if LA, ATL, NY or whoever calls..I'm out..

Him: Well what am I supposed to do if you move? I thought we'd finally be together.. just wait on me for about 5 years then we can have kids, and buy land and a house...besides you would hate all those cities, and you should just probably give up on writing, I mean, you have a good job now.


Mofo.. DO WHAT NOW?!

Fam, if you follow me on twitter then you already know I was in disbelief but couldn't quite hang up on this fool, because I had to know what other ignorance he was about to spew. Let's continue shall we..cuz oh yeah it gets better....

Me: Do you even know WHAT I write?
Him: crickets...chirp..chirp.....chirp....
Him: uhhh.. Im not a blogger so I don't read what you write.
Me: blink. blink. blink.

Ok.. I must stop here with this BULLSHITTTTAAAAHHHH.... (I'm on a Daron Jones kick..and luv when he says that in one of his songs and if u dont know who im talkin bout..go back a few blog posts..but I digress)....

How can this negro expect me to want to be in a relationship with him and he 1. can't support my dreams/goals/aspirations 2. Don't even read or know about the very things that I've been working on 3. well he's just flat out ignate..

Fam, I see this in so many relationships around me.. and I'm not just talking about dating, I'm talking about friends, family, people looking for the come-up ect..

It's funny to me..those same ones that can't support someone but are quick to tear them down, try to knock them off their path, or talk that bullshiiittttahhhh, are the very ones as soon as a mofo makes their dream/goal happen.. with their f'in hands out..or talking that.."yeahhhh I always knew you was gonna make it"..bia puleeeeze..

If you can't support a sista (or whomever) from day one.. then what do we have to build on? Granted, sometimes you may not agree with a person's goals , but to selfishly use their goals against them is just wrong in my book.

Now if you are dayum near 40, and STILL trying to make a rap career pop off, then we'd just have to have a talk and tweak your plan to get there..but I'd still be supportive if you're my friend ect.. I'm not gonna tell you that's never gonna happen, sit ya azz down somewhere ect.. (granted I might think it, but I'd never say it out loud LMAO).. seriously... everyone has a dream that they may want to see come into fruition and if you don't have the support from those around you, then its hard to want to keep pushing to make it happen.. and then it could just boil down to a mofo can't support someone if they don't have their own dayum goals and dreams and they are just sippin on that punk-naide with crushed ice..

Lesson Learned: Cut ties with ignate azz mofos that are selfish and wanna knock u off the path of greatness.. just like that one saying: I can do bad all my dayum self..and that's no BULLLLSHIIIIITTTTAHHH!

Stay Fab and Keep Dreaming!


P.S. the rest of the convo must be dissected in later blogs..I'm tired of writing for now. lol.

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  1. Swinje his number from your phone.

  2. LMBO! Meik you are so right. And people like that I believe are truly fearful of the power inside of those trying to climb the ladder to their dreams. They're fearful b/c they don't have guts and umpf it takes to keep going, never know when and how many times your gonna get knocked off that ladder on the way up. I cosign, whole heartitly w/letting that mofo go! Let him watch and observe. He might learn somthing along the way...but we gotta keep our circles TIGHT w/like minded people. It's like, but those blinders out and run this thing out till you get to the finish line!!!!

  3. Hilarious... Yeah show his trifling behind the door!

  4. Granted, I don’t know the situation, but I wouldn’t stamp him a MoFo, so quickly. I don't know if he is specifically trying to tear you down or kill your dreams. It looks like there are a few factors to consider when you get a response like that.

    1.) Do you have a plan?
    2.) Have you shared your dreams and vision with him?
    3.) Have you two discussed a future together?
    4.) What is his cultural background?
    5.) How long have you known him?

    You can't fault a person for not understanding if you haven't truly communicated with them. How would he know what you do, and how personally you take what you do, if you have never shared it with him?

    I can see if you have written down a clear life plan, told him where you're going next and then he says, "forget about that." Now that would be messed up. Everybody isn't supposed to see your vision, because everyone isn't meant to share in or experience it. That doesn't make him a dream killer all together. Perhaps, he's not enlightened yet?

    You said that he mentioned a house, land, children, and moving after 5 years. When did that discussion happen, if ever? Were you receptive to that? Did you mention your writing and your future plans at that point? If you did, that's on him for not listening. If you didn't mention it then that's on You.

    A lot of times cultures play a huge part in relationships. If he is old school or from a patriarchal country/society, he might think your role is to give up on your dreams to raise children and run a household. That is also something that should be discussed.

    The length of time in his acquaintance would also play a factor. If he's known you for a minute, then he should know better than to say something like. It's not like you're going to up and change now. But if he's only known you for a short time, then you should let him know what's the 411. LOL! Had to throw that old school in there. You don't know nothin' bout that youngin'! lol!


  5. DC.. lemme address ur comment..
    1. Length of time..this mofo has known me since high school.. my dream hasn't changed..his azz is just ignate.

    2. I know bout the 411 LMAO. im old like u LMAO..

    3. I do have a plan.. and am taking the steps necessary to make my dreams happen..u on this blog aintcha?

    4. Why do I need to share my dreams and vision with him when he has known it for years and has always tried to talk me out of it?


    6. he's a negro.. a reformed thug ..

    and im not open to ish he's talkin bout cuz he just talks out the side of his neck alot of the times. hence..why he rates a starring role in mofo chronicles...the end.

  6. girl this the type of mofo that would say to you when you come up, "i came up when i got you"....wait im telling my shit!! LOL....Run away from his ass in a 90 degree angle and make a sharp right and keep damn running....he on that ish!!! HOW YOU GONNA SUPPORT HER DREAMS AND YOU AINT EVEN READ HER ISH!!! "have some kids, buy some land........." NINJA PLEASE....


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