A Tale of Chicken bones and a Crackhead

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's up fam?
I needed a good laugh so I thought I'd share one of my oh so work hazardous blogs with ya.. take a trip with me down memory lane to the summer of 2008..

Just when I thought the day was going okay and bitchassness was under control...I discovered: I hates me a crackhead.

So during the summer of 2008, I was freelancing at a tv station.. and it just so happens this was the day that I, the lone photographer, camera and all got sent out on my own.. (which may or may not be a good thing cuz you know shyt only happens to me)...My assignment: Get 3 to 4 soundbytes about the delay in potholes being repaired.

Simple enough....

So I had an hour to do it..so I go to this lil gas station...now I dont know it to be a hood like area..so im thinking im good..right?

I get permission to post up outside..and I ask this one man if I can interview him..he says naw..but my friend over there will talk to you...I turn around and my first clue should have been if u go inside the store and buy a box of chicken and you can't wait to get home to eat it..instead u sit on the sidewalk and shove it down your throat like its the last supper..im just sayin..but he looked semi normal and I was in crunch time mode..

SOOOOO I head over and in my nicest sweet voice ( no mean mug visible) ask him if he'd like to talk about the story and he just f'in snaps...tells me that I must think he's stupid but he's older than I am and he knows damn full well that money dont pay for the road repairs.... bonds do.

(in my head I'm thinking who the f is he screeching at..but I digress..)

And he continues to harp on and on about how he can't be all over the tv..he just moved here and owes taxes..to me that equals..mofo got a warrant out for that ass..




ummm okkkkay...thanks for ur time. So I run off...grab another couple of people and am like cool..I just need a couple more and I can bounce..next thing you know I hear:

" Keisha. Keisha. KEISHA. GURL I KNOW U HEAR ME. KEISHA. oh its like that now? u just aint gonna talk to a brotha? Just cuz you educated dont mean I dont know nuthin. KEISHA. KEISHA!!!!!

So I'm thinking must this mofo be so loud? I'm trying to get this ish done so I can roll out.. so I roll my eyes and keep on fiddling with the camera..



I'm thinking..his girl must really be ignoring the hell out of this chicken grease azzed mofo...

So I turn around to be nosey and he's like "oh its like that now...I dont wanna talk bout no pot holes cuz you tryin to make me look stupid and get me caught up and u wanna act funny keisha?"

ya'll know Meik is a fool right?

so I ask in the nicest way possible.. WHO IS KEISHA?

He informs me that he knows my name is Keisha cuz he saw it on my badge.

umm I thought damn...maybe I'm the crackhead...so I double check it cuz maybe the heat done got to me, maybe all this time I was wrong about my own dayum name...nope..still says Meik..im good.

So I tell him my damn name aint Keisha. Fam.. WHY did this fool argue with me about it? More importantly..why did I bother?

So as I move my camera to get some other interviews, this fool comes whizzing by on a skateboard with chicken grease all over his mouth and then falls off the skateboard...TRIPPED by a f'in chicken bone.

u know I was dying inside..but I'm a professional. So I said U aight? What are you doing???

He says "look Keisha..I'm just living my life..the best way I can."

At that moment a loud truck passes by and so I ask him to repeat what he just said.

He responds: "Oh..u think cuz you educated u gonna act funny keisha? oh ok...I said I'm just living my life by having fun on a skateboard" and takes off only to fall off soon as he got around the corner. I know he thinks I didn't hear him say ouch but I did kinda hope he skinned his f'in face up.

Lesson Learned: Evaluate your surroundings..if chicken bones are on the ground, you are probably in a hood like environment and crackheads are lurking nearby. Never let one make u question who you are...it'll f up your whole day.

Hope u got a good laugh..

Stay Fantab!


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  2. Gurl I needed that laugh! How in the world did he get keisha out of meika????

  3. From what I know of Charlotte, almost any area there can have chicken bones strewn about at any given time. So be careful. Charlotte is a Crackish place. lol!

  4. LMAO and yes very work hazardous. I laughed so loud... Good post Keisha

  5. KESHA KESHA KESHA! so what just because you educated you dont know nobody now? Girl!! this is my everyday existance! Keep it up!

  6. OMG!!!!! A skateboard? You are too silly! All I can imagine is you at the BP on Freedom drive. That's pretty hood like! And you know crackheads can fight. Keisha, you better watch your back the next time!! LOL


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