A Mofo got his nerve

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What up fam?
If you follow me on twitter or we're friends on facebook, then you already know that I've been on an emotional roller coaster for the past few weeks with family issues.. especially my grandmothers getting sick and being in the hospital.

Now usually I'm not one to ask for folks to listen and hold my hand and pat me on the back and woo woo with me.. I may ask for prayers, but I'm not gonna spill my heart out and tell you what's wrong, how I feel about it, ect.. Writing is my outlet period point blank the end. However, when it comes to my friends, they know that I'll always listen and offer my unsolicited opinions lol...ect whenever they need it.

Which brings me to the point of this blog: I have reached a whole new level of pissitivity over the weekend.

What you mean Meik?

Glad you asked. A guy that I know gave me a call the other night. He was out at a restaurant and wanted me to come out and meet him, but he sensed that I was sounding a lil down and out. So after he kept asking what was wrong, I started to tell him how worried I was about my grandmothers and their health ect.. and before I could finish my thought.. he butts in with "oh I'm glad I got my grandparents deaths out of the way when I was younger, I hate seeing you go through this now"...

errr.. blink. blink. blink.

My grandmothers aint dead and Lord willing they won't be anytime soon. WTF kind of ish is that to say to someone?

This is clearly when I should have hung up ...but blame it on my emotional distress..

So I try once more to explain to this FOOL that they have all been in the hospital over the past two weeks ect.. and he cuts me off again and says Hold on..

*****lemme interrupt our regularly scheduled program for a sec and tell you that this is a man that has unrelentlessly TRIED to be the man in my life, but I aint having that ish cuz we've been down this road before..granted I was 17 at the time, but his ignate azz aint changed.. now pay attention cuz this is gonna go kind of fast, but before I continue, remember this key fact: the day before he was talking about how he wanted another chance and ish.. ok back to the program****

Him: Hold on!

Me: Aight.. sniff. sniff.

Him: damn, you are one pretty ass girl

Her: giggle giggle..tee hee heee.. thank you..

Him: Damn just sexy as hell

Her: tee heee heee sniggle heee awww you are cute

Him: So what's up lemme holla at you for a minute..

Me: WTF .. HELLO?!

Him: Hold on a sec..
So what's up shawty.. how long you gonna be in here..


Now.. I know good and hell well this mofo didn't just do what I think he did.. naw.. He DID NOT cut me off in the middle of me telling him about my grandmothers...mind you.. one is in ICU and he gonna put me on hold cuz of a piece of ass walking by?


blink. blink. blink. blink.

This mofo here.. wooooooo chile ..now don't get it twisted..its not the fact that he hollared at a chick.. i could care less cuz he aint my man, but come on its rude and disrespectful.. hell at least, tell me you'll call back, MUTE the gawd doggone phone or something!

So I guess after he gets the digits he realizes ooooh hell Meik aint on the phone no more.. so he calls.. and calls and calls.. now u know i aint bout to answer this phone. Under any other circumstance..maybe i would have and then proceeded to cuss his ass the f out..but i was and still am emotionally drained and don't have the energy to f'in fight with an ignate azz.

So.. I decide.. I'll at least shoot a text.. it says..U cut me off to holla at a chick..mmmk.. wow.

He replies.. "You mean the world to me..and I dont know why I do the things I do, I'm a good guy"..


WHERE DEY DO DAT AT? "U mean the world to me, but I can't listen to you for five seconds even though I talked your ear off for months about my issues..but hey I gotta holla at this piece of ass".. ***blank stare** mmk.

And that good guy ish? Who is he tryin to convince..me or himself? boy bye.

Needless to say.. I did not respond and will never respond to a nar nother text or phone call from this fool.

I am however realizing that sometimes, you are your own best friend, and the only person that is really there for you 24/7 with a shoulder to lean on and cry on is God.

Lesson Learned: MUTE IS A WONDERFUL THING.. the end.

~Until later.. stay classy fab!

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  1. I definitely can understand where you are coming from with this one. I've learned that with some people it will always be a one way street. They will call you when things are going wrong in their life and want you to sit and listen. But when you need the same thing in return they don't have the time to be bothered. Sometimes its a lot easier to be your own best friend. As far as the dude is concerned you did the right thing. Actions speak louder than words.

  2. I love your post! Always highly entertaining with a message. (You really need to get on with TP!) You are absolutely right about the only one that is really there for you ... We all put too much faith in man instead of Capital G'dizzle.

    Sorry for your loss.

  3. Pretty insensitive mofo you been dealing with. I can't justify his actions (not even close)..but i will say that some people have no idea on how to listen, comfort, or be understanding. Judging by his initial comment about losing his grandparents earlier in his life..that he kinda said, "I dont really know how to console you..in their state of illness"..now..my question would be...are u really gonna not speak to da mofo anymore..and..have u never before seen this type of insincerity from him previously?...im jus askin..cuase with the preface about how he's been acting before and for him to not only disregard your convo and feelings..that he seemed to want u to know that he aint gonna wait for u..and you cant use him for just an ear...hope yo GMa's are blessed with better health in the near future!

  4. Hi Meik. It's a good.....no GREAT thing that dude is not your man. I understand that some people don't know how to handle death or even console others during painful times, but even if you had not been going through tough times with your grandmother, it was still disrespectful for him to carry on in such a way....all while you were on the phone. But, I will say that in order for him to do that and think it's okay, I get the sense that he honestly KNEW that there was no chance at having a woman such as yourself. So he really didn't think there was anything wrong. I like to believe that when/if people knew better, they would do better. He obviously didn't know better. I'm glad you've shown him! Wishing peace for your grandmother in heaven and better health for your other grandmother.

  5. He was selfish. Maybe not a bad guy. Some people deal with stressful situations differently.

    I hope and pray a speedy recovery for your grandmothers and peace of mind for you and your family.


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