Women are Mofos too...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

What's up fam?

I don't want folks to get it twisted..the mofo chronicles isn't just all about men..the mofo term is an encompassing one and can include ANY and EVERYBODY..so now that we got that out the way...onto today's triflin mess...

Soooooo I decide to make an appearance at a birthday party over the weekend for this cool dude I know..now I go FULLY expecting some ish as I always do..but my gawd...my eyeballz weren't ready for this...

I walked in..and when I tell you that I couldn't do ish but blink so much my damn contact lenses were dried out..

There were women dancing and gyrating..wait..big women..little women..just women period...or as i like to call them...MOFOS.

These heffas had the audacity to be wearing what looked like a pair of panties with fishnets and a shirt..

Now..I don't know bout ya'll but if you are going to attend a party..do you show up with your ish hanging out? Then proceed to bend over and dance azz up for the crowd..maybe they have some exotic dancer type ish going on in their minds..but fam..this wasn't that type of party..it was a grown and sexxy affair..and im just gonna go out on a limb and assume mofos thought they were wearing sexxy outfits..hmmmmmk...

Granted, this is an area that has been known for its ghetto fabness..but good lawd..can mofos spare the rest of us from having to see this ish? Save that ish for the bedroom after you reel in whatever you tryin to catch!

Lesson Learned: COVER UP. nuff said. please and thanks.

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