I luvs a hater...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wow..2 blogs in one day...But I just had to address some lame that wanna talk shit..

So..a mofo wanna try to leave an ANONYMOUS comment on one of my blogs tryin to call me all kinds of ish..wow..really..you talk big shit and but you too scared to post who your identity is?

Just know this: I love a hating ass mofo..LOVE IT. So keep it coming..least I know you paying attention...

The fact that you can try to post a comment and try to put me down, by saying I think I'm Hollywood, and I think I'm this and that..well apparantly you think i am..cuz u posted didnt ya?!

Look whoever you are..just because you probably look like a mutha fukkin mud duck..don't get mad at me cuz you got issues..I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you must be one of the mofos I am talkin bout in these blogs...

If you don't like what I post..fine so be it..don't read the ish..and quit doing mofo-ish type ish..OR better yet..u might just be one of the chicks of one of the stupid asses I wrote about..what u want some applause?? I see u must be craving some attention...

Over flooded ego is what you say I have..did your ass even go to college to know that ish don't make not bit of damn sense? This sentence here lets me know just how IGNAT u really are:

How be ever I see your reality show fame has you on another level.. At least in your mind.. Stop trying to be Hollywood when you are from the side of some hill in Asheville, North Nowhere

Oh I just luv a dumb mutha...Oh and then you wanna talk about my reality show? Bitch at least Im doing something..can you say the same? Your ass is probably sitting around in the projects on some ole other ish mad cuz ya man was paying me some attention ..or mad cuz you will NEVER be on my level..

And oh yeah..u gonna say some ish about mofos I met on the internet..drop some names and some incidents since u got soooooo much ish to say..and think u know ish..

What's real funny is u hate me..but I see you keep reading..Thanks for making your place in the Mofo Chronicles mutha fukka.

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