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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

 Hey Mofos!

I know it's been a minute but I'm back with another film review!! 

This time I went to check out the film, The Fall Guy, starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. 

Before I start this-- let me just say, if I didn't already love Ryan in Barbie, I am full fledge FAN GIRL after seeing The Fall Guy

Chile, that man is FINE! 

Ryan Gosling is Colt Seavers in THE FALL GUY, directed by David Leitch 
                   Eric Laciste/Universal Pictures

Back to the review. Here's the synopsis from a press release:


Oscar® nominee Ryan Gosling (Barbie, La La Land, Drive) stars as Colt Seavers, a battle-scarred stuntman who, having left the business a year earlier to focus on both his physical and mental health, is drafted back into service when the star of a mega-budget studio movie—being directed by his ex, Jody Moreno, played by Golden Globe winner Emily Blunt (Oppenheimer, A Quiet Place films, Sicario)—goes missing.

While the film’s ruthless producer (Emmy winner Hannah Waddingham; Ted Lasso), maneuvers to keep the disappearance of star Tom Ryder (Golden Globe winner Aaron Taylor-Johnson; Bullet Train) a secret from the studio and the media, Colt performs the film’s most outrageous stunts while trying (with limited success) to charm his way back into Jody’s good graces. But as the mystery around the missing star deepens, Colt will find himself ensnared in a sinister, criminal plot that will push him to the edge of a fall more dangerous than any stunt.

Inspired by the hit 1980s TV series, The Fall Guy also stars Winston Duke (Black Panther franchise) and Academy Award® nominee Stephanie Hsu (Everything Everywhere All at Once). 


Ok now that's out of the way, I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I noticed right out the gate was THE CHEMISTRY between Gosling and Blunt as Colt and Jody. The playfulness on set as they try not to let their other co-workers, who probably ALREADY KNEW, out of their flirty biz to the awkward reunion. From the moment the film started, I was watching behind my hand because I was so nervous knowing this film was the behind the scenes of a well, a stunt guy. I was not expecting to be on the edge of my seat the entire time. 

Colt has a scary accident ending his career, or so he thought, but in typical woe is me male fashion, he pushes the lady in his life away without a peep. Now I'm mad at fine ass Colt for the ghosting move, but this also brings to mind that sometimes we ASSume someone is done with us and doesn't want to be with us, not even knowing what they are dealing with on the battlefield inside their minds. Not excusing him triflin ways, but I'm just saying mental health on top of a physical ailment is a thing. 

Which reminds me, during the film, it's as if nobody remembers he had a back injury when he is pulled back into the limelight to save Jody's film. She takes out her frustrations on him, which I'm not mad at cuz he low or high key deserved it, but I fully expected him to pop an ibuprofen, rub some icy hot on or something! 

I love how during the film it's a flirty chase between Jody and Colt's will they do it or not fling/romance with it's mixture of banter, misunderstandings, and emotional turmoil. I would love to see more of these two in a film together..IT WORKS! 

I also enjoyed Winston Duke as the stunt coordinator because the comedic timing between him and Gosling, is the bromance we didn't know we needed. I swear I hope they are friends in real life. 

The producer lady sucking on those diet cokes was so reminiscent of what I imagined producers in the 80s were like, except insert a TAB drink.. remember those? 

The film comes from real life stunt man and director David Leitch, the blockbuster director of films like Deadpool 2, and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. The film is a hilarious love letter with wall to wall action that is packed on the movie sets and its real world. The script was written by Drew Pierce. 

Another lesson I learned from this film, that real love will prevail no matter the distance or the producer in the background pulling the strings. This is an example of giving love a chance and using words instead of a thumbs up to communicate. It's also nice to see how Colt wants Jody to be successful that he goes above and beyond for that to happen. 

The real stars of the film were definitely the Fall Guys aka the stunt men that made it all happen, cuz lawd, jeezus, the way my nerves were tore up watching this. 

Universal Picture The Fall Guy is in theaters on May 3, and is rated PG-13. Running time: 126 minutes.

This one is definitely a must-see! Let me know if you go see it and what you think! 


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