New Interview: Gina Thompson

Sunday, May 14, 2023


Hey Mofos!

I was super hype to chat with Gina Thompson! Talk about a throwback! I actually met her in 1997--she was one of the first music artists I had been around because she was in the building the day I interviewed Case, which was my very first celeb interview everrrrr. The place: East Tennessee State University and I was in college and sooooooooooo unprepared LOL. But, both her and Case taught me and my classmates an important lesson-- make sure all of your equipment is working, and control the interview. 

Anyhoo--I was wondering where she was, and she just happens to be back with some new music! So, here's the Check the Rhymes TV interview:

I love how she stresses the importance of mental health! 

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