Review: "Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story"

Friday, June 03, 2022


Hey Mofos! 

It's the summer and that means music festival time right? Well you don't have to go far to experience the magic of a festival because "Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story" is in theaters now. The Sony Pictures documentary was directed by Frank Marshall and Ryan Suffern and features the annual New Orleans Jazz Festival that draws thousands of people from all over. 

The film features some familiar faces from Earth, Wind, & Fire (starring Verdine's laid to the gawds tresses), to Pitbull, Jimmy Buffett, Katy Perry, Tom Jones, Big Freedia, Al Green and more. Now, I'm not exactly sure how some of these artists landed in the center of this documentary about jazz, but I'm not the filmmaker so I'll mind my business, but I could have sworn ole J.B. was laid back beach music, but I guess it has jazz or a jingle jangle in there somewhere chile. Jazz is the backbone of music so it can be found in all genres in some form or fashion. 

I discovered some artists I hadn't heard of before so that's a plus! I loved seeing all of the white folks loving the gospel music tent chile. You don't get to see a lot of that happening unless it was Kanye's lil churchy thing he had goings on. 

Rev. Al Green is a treat in this film, he preaches, teaches, testifies, and sangs JEEEEZUS. (If anyone has a hookup so I can interview him lemme know)! Rev Green sang the mess out of his songs even though he hadn't publicly performed them in 50'levum years. He may be older, but that voice is still aging like fine wine. This was my favorite part of this whole documentary. It is so good to see him performing! 

Now chile, I didn't know Miss Katy Perry could sang like this. I need to revisit her music. I was impressed. I love me some Bruce Springsteen and that's all that needs to be said. If you don't know about Tank and the Bangas--definitely look them up. It was great seeing that they were included as well. 

New Orleans is a place full of rich history, and I don't have to tell you that. But while screening this documentary,  I swear I could taste all the fine foods from a place I've never been--it's that captivating. I learned so much from the impact of jazz on funerals to Mardi Gras, and well ultimately how jazz was born. 

The tear jerker of the film is Hurricane Katrina and the destruction it left behind. But, like music has a way of doing, it brought people together. Miss Rona may have THOUGHT she sat this jazz festival down, but the show must go on and has plans to come back soon. 

Let me know if you go check out this film.. in theaters now and you don't even need bug spray to enjoy Jazz Fest! 


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