Interview: "Real World Homecoming: New Orleans" Stars Reunite!

Wednesday, April 20, 2022


Hey Mofos!

Y'all. This is so crazy how full circle my latest Check the Rhymes TV interview is. I was walking out of Walgreens looking like who did it and why a couple of years ago, and this man starts talking to me in the parking lot. He tells me he's from New Orleans and in town visiting his mom, and then he informs me that he was in the studio when David from "Real World: New Orleans" sang the song "Come on Be My Baby Tonight." Y'all KNOWWWWW that song is a bop from way back! We won't talk about how that man asked for my number and never called-- mofos. 

Fast forward to 2022, I had the chance to interview David who know goes by Tokyo and his castmate Matt Smith ahead of the "Real World Homecoming: New Orleans" premiere (streaming now) on Paramount Plus! David even blessed us with some music! 

Catch the interview here:

So-- do you have a favorite moment from the original "Real World: New Orleans?"

You know it is this song. You know it.

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