Interview: Anthony Hamilton

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Hey Mofos!

Anthony. Hamilton. Period. 

Really that's all that needs to be said, but I'll add some extra words for fun. I had the opportunity to catch up with Anthony about his new album "Love is the New Black." When I tell you this is a no-skip album that is full of Teddy P/Isley Brothers feels--whewww jeeezus. There is no reason y'all should be outchea lying saying ain't no R&B when Hamilton puts out quality music. 

Anyhoo.. we had a grand time feeling like we were in the country gossiping on the porch sippin on sweet tea under the Carolina sun--ok in reality.. I was on my lil set and he was at his house but still.. you get the point! 

Check out the interview here-- who knew he was so silly and fun? I mean I did, but now you do! 

Let me know, what's your favorite Anthony Hamilton song? Hard to pick one ain't it? 


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