A Mofo'n Award!

Thursday, October 14, 2021


Hey Mofos!

I am absolutely thrilled and over the moon that The MofoChronicles was FINALLY recognized! It's been a long time coming but lemme give you the deets! 

I know y'all follow @mofochronicles on Twitter right? Well the handle won Favorite Twitter Handle in Elevate Lifestyle's Best of the City 2021 Awards

Earlier this week, I attended the awards celebration and while I didn't get to give my speech I've been practicing for years, I did pick up my award certificate. Check it out:

I admit, I was in my feelings that I didn't win best talk show or even best journalist (idk if that category exists) or something along the lines of my blood, sweat, and tears, but then I realized this platform was the start of it all, and the twitter account is the extension so I'm a winner regardless of the category. 

I grabbed some of my friends and celebrated the win complete with spicy margaritas for them and reg ones for me and my acid reflux. I'm so grateful to all that nominated me and voted for me. I had noooooooo idea! 

I also realized something else.. all this time I had been glaring from afar, hating on others being recognized while feeling like my efforts and talent were being ignored. Last night, I realized I was letting other people's opinions and negativity steer me into that belief when ultimately the issue wasn't a person or people I was annoyed with.. it's the gatekeepers and cliques in this city that can only handle 4-5 Black creatives at a time. It's really sad because there's a ton of us outchea. I realized that there's room for all of us, THEY just don't see us and that's okay. WE see us and WE can continue to support and uplift each other. 

Before I wrote this blog, I was contemplating this insane desire that I have to do more on-camera work and be on a national platform doing what I love, making the money I deserve and the overwhelming frustration crept up and I wanted to quit. Then I remembered, last night, one person thanked me for believing in her and to me--that's a win because that encouragement from years ago, helped her get to where she is. I also realized that while I may not get the opportunities or accolades that others get around here, I'm still making noise, it may not be as loud, and it may not be on the platform that I want, but I'm still here doing what I love and being fulfilled. I may not have my dream job YET, but it's coming. I know it. 

Look at all this winning growth. Anyhoo.. I'm off to put my award in a frame and manifest a win for Check the Rhymes in some capacity. 

Keep growing and winning mofos! 


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