Gabrielle Union's Book Tour: "You Got Anything Stronger?"

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

 Hey Mofos!

If you follow me on social media, then you already know that I absolutely adore Kaavia James Union Wade with her cute shady baby self. I'm a fan of her mama, Gabrielle Union, so I had to check her out when she came to town to Blumenthal Performing Arts for her book tour. Her new book, "You Got Anything Stronger" was given out with a ticket and had me almost do a two step in the lobby and wish I had a tambourine. Won't He Do It?

Anyhoo, the moderator for the evening was former news anchor Brigida Mack and her and Gab seem to hit it off. It was like being Pearl from 227, sitting in the window watching Mary and Rose carry on a convo. 

Some gems were dropped and here's a quick rundown:

You repeat what you don't repair. 

There's no such thing as balance, stop chasing it. It doesn't exist. 

There's no need to be ashamed of going to therapy. Tuning up your mental health is just as important as tuning up your car. DO IT. 

Make space for those to be their authentic self. 

It's okay to ask for help. 

Marriage is work. *now this one I wanna see for myself.. COME ON HUSBAND!!!!!!!*

The list goes on, but you need to read the book to pull out the gems for yourself. What really makes me love Gab is her transparency, especially when it comes to something a lot of women, especially Black women deal with when wanting to have children. Fertility issues can drain you in so many ways. Even dating is hard because you wonder ...well you know what, that's a whole other blog.  I've shared my fibroids story complete with an iron deficiency, and I most recently had another surgery back in April, but it's hard to move forward thinking of yourself as damaged goods, but you cry with Gab as she shares her story because you feel every single tear drop she shed. Her story of how she finally got the child she so desperately desired is inspiring, because she didn't give up and it reminds me not to either in any part of my life. 

I want to thank Gabrielle, my bestie in my head, for sharing her life with us, including Kaavia as she is growing up. Sometimes with celebs we don't know what they are going through behind closed doors and I appreciate the transparency, tho if I was famous, y'all wouldn't know ish LOL. Seriously,  I also loved the dance breaks during the tour, it also felt like a women's retreat to woo sah from the ish men be putting us through! Ok maybe that was my take away. They asked pre-submitted questions from the audience, but I was wondering how the hell those 5 people knew to submit questions because I had a couple questions. But maybe, just maybe, I will get the opportunity to interview Gab one day. 

I suggest you grab a copy of this book and definitely give it a read. Join a book club and chat about it and as Gab said, build your community so you have people to talk to and lean on. You can't do it alone. 


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