Review: The Movie "The Night House"

Thursday, August 12, 2021


Hey Mofos! 

Now I don't usually watch scary movies, or dark thrillers so I wasn't sure what I was going to get with the new film "The Night House." The psychological horror film is directed by David Bruckner and features a female lead that is dealing with the heaviness of grief. If you have ever experienced grief, then you can relate to this film, minus the parts that make you jump to the ceiling. Let's get into the deets: Rebecca Hall stars as a woman dealing with the suicide of her husband Owen (Evan Jonigkeit). It's like the film "Ghost" where she can still sense him around her dark ass house--you know in hindsight, maybe if she turned the lights on...nevermind, I digress. Anyhoo, she starts to uncover some the skeletons in her husband's closet and it ain't pretty. 

I was so spooked, I couldn't keep track of what dark secrets she discovered, but I think my favorite scene was when Beth (Hall) had to check this parent at her job for demanding a grade change. Her response got my attention and from that moment on, I was team Beth! 

The Searchlight film will be in theaters on August 20. 

Peep the trailer:

Be prepared--there are some LOUD moments in the film, so take someone with you that you can hold onto while watching! 

Let me know if you go check it out! 


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