Preview + Interview: Bounce TV's New Dramedy 'Johnson'

Sunday, August 01, 2021


Hey Mofos! 

I always love some good television and this show I'm about to tell you about is one you don't want to miss a single episode of! 

Think 'Girlfriends' meets 'Sex in the City' except replace the main characters with four Black men with the same name Johnson and they live in Atlanta in 2021. See that remix there? I do love that this show has real life situations from the Black male perspective. The show premieres tonight, 8/1 at 8pm on Bounce TV. 

The series features D.L. Hughley and spotlights an ensemble cast that includes Deji LaRay, Thomas Q. Jones, Philip Smithey, and Derrex Brady. The show is produced in partnership between Eric C. Rhone & Cedric The Entertainer's A Bird & A Bear Entertainment along with Deji & Thomas' Midnight Train Productions, and Reesha L. Archibald serves as one of the executive producers on the show. 

Here's the trailer: 

I participated in a press conference and got to ask Deji and Thomas a question about including women's nuances into the script. 

Peep it here:

So let me know if you plan to watch and if you do--come back and share your thoughts! 


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