Black Music Month Spotlight: Lorena "Lungs" Stewart of Klymaxx

Thursday, June 24, 2021


Hey Mofos!

YAY! I lovessss me some Klymaxx chile! But, I had to have a meeting in the ladies room with Lorena.. but let me give you some backstory. Some of you may recall I did an interview earlier this month about the Women Songwriter's Hall of Fame event that is being held in D.C. on 6/25-- I spoke with the creator and the executive producer of the event. I even chatted with an honoree and thought--wow it's awesome that the women who get left out of these types of celebrations are being honored! 

Here's that interview: 

Fast forward a couple weeks, and I find out on FB and in my inbox that while Klymaxx is on promotional materials to be honored--things aren't actually as they seem. So, if you purchased tickets to the event and were hoping to see the original members-- you won't. Lorena of Klymaxx stopped by and chatted with me in an audio interview about what's behind the false honor and how some stuff with songwriting credits ain't clean in the milk. 

Peep it here: 

Whew.. y'all.. WHEW. 

I'm so glad Lorena came on the show to explain their side of the story and chile.. I need Cheryl to get it together. Acting up and out STILL at this big age.. FOR WHYYYYYY?

Welp, as a journalist, you now have both sides. It's up to you if you decide to support the event or ride with Klymaxx. 

I'm hopeful that maybe one day all of this can be resolved. 

In the meantime, do you have a favorite Klymaxx song?


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