Black Music Month Spotlight: Lenny Williams

Tuesday, June 01, 2021


Hey Mofos!

It's Black Music Month! In honor of this most fabulous time, I am sharing some Check the Rhymes interviews with some of the legends that need, deserve, and have earned every single petal on a flower do you hear me?! You can also catch my Black Music Month content on Zone.TV's Zone.ify app or website, just search for Check the Rhymes. 

First up is Mr. Oh Oh Oh himself, Lenny Williams. You probably have most recently heard Anthony Hamilton using Lenny's style in his new song "You Made a Fool of Me" and some of your other favs have sampled and paid homage to him as well. 

In this interview, we chatted about Lenny's career with Tower of Power to his solo efforts, and he explains why owning your own publishing is important, plus he answered fan questions! We had a good ole time chatting and cackling! 

Check the convo out here: 

So let me know, what's your favorite Lenny Williams hit? 


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