Black Music Month Spotlight: Crystal Tamar's Pop-Up Podcast Series

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Hey Mofos! 

I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with R&B singer Crystal Tamar on her pop up podcast last week in honor of Black Music Month. Crystal Tamar gave all the homage to some of her fav duets in the pop-up podcast series "Crystal Tamar Presents- Serenade: Best Song Duets." It was a week filled with a special guest every day of the week and I was so excited to be asked to come on and talk about music. Check out the series here on her website. We had an absolute blast! 

She also blew me away with the premiere of her music video for the single, "Serenade." It's the third single from her self-titled debut Ef.  Check out the soulful and sensual ballad!

From a press release:

Crystal Tamar describes the video. "I knew the video for ‘Serenade’ had to scream love and romance from the rooftops," she says. "I was honestly inspired by those Charlize Theron J'adore perfume commercials. You can't watch those without yelling at the TV ‘GIRL ... YOU BETTA!’” she says with a laugh. “It was also equally important to make the audience identify with wanting to serenade their own love and it not be all about me.”

The video also spotlights the talented and graceful dancer Sidney Johnson. Crystal Tamar says, “I thought inviting a contemporary dancer would artistically get that done. Kind of like that old EnVogue video where the dancer made you reflect on the meaning more than the group. Ms. Sidney Johnson, our lovely principal dancer out of LA, blessed our set in under half an hour and killed it!”

Side note: Crystal Tamar used to be an NFL cheerleader so she already has a special place in my heart... y'all know I'm a cheerleader foreverrrrr!

Check out the podcast and let me know if you agree with her best duets list! 


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