A Mofo'n Career Milestone: How I Landed a Cover Story for a National Magazine

Sunday, August 02, 2020

Hey Mofos!

OMG.. I have THE best news to share! I am officially a cover story writer!

What do you mean Meik?

I'm so glad you asked! I wrote my first cover story for a national magazine; USA TODAY MAGAZINES FALL 2020 BACK TO SCHOOL ISSUE!

Yep, I interviewed Tia Mowry-Hardrict about her back to school traditions, parenting goals, and making self care a priority. It's in stores right now!

So how in the world did I land this cover story? Manifestation and faith pure and simple.

Back on New Years Ever in 2019, I sat here dressed in sequins, drinking tequila, and crying over why I was heading into another year not married, not where I wanted to be in my career, and well you know the drill. I let my tears fall onto the vision boards I was creating, and it got to the point that I just started cutting out phrases. I slapped COVER STORY on there and was like done.

Fast forward to this year, an editor sent out a call for pitches and I answered the call. She also mentioned she didn't have a cover story for this issue. I had a whole convo in my head like, sis you ready? Nahhhhhhhhhh we ain't ready. No sis, WE READY. I knew the perfect person to pitch and as you see.. Tia was perfect.

Meanwhile, my entire world as I knew it was changing on the family dynamic side, but in late March, I got a call saying this was my assignment. I was thrown into the middle of dysfunction changing into chaos so I never got the chance to celebrate this moment. ME. I GOT THIS ASSIGNMENT. ME.

Then I thought, why not me? I've been writing for 50'levum years, and I have worked my ass off for this moment. If you've been following me, you know my journey started with a blog on Yahoo 360 to eventually this blog in 2009 and branching off into freelance writing for other blogs, outlets, and publications. Whew chile, it's been a long road, but as my uncle says, "it's about the journey."

So in the middle of chaos and a damn pandemic, I did it while juggling family drama, work stress, relationship questions, sinus drama, and more. YOU SEE THAT BYLINE?!

So, in July, the issue was placed in stores across the country and I finally walked into a store last week and a single tear came down my face as I realized just how damn proud of me I am. I still haven't really celebrated, and I'm not really sure how to yet. However, I damn sure realized my worth, and realized if I can do all this in the middle of the ish I just went through, then I can get through anything.

Thank you all for supporting my writing through the years, and in case you haven't noticed the ads all over this blog, TheMofoChronicles is also a part of the SHE Media Partner Network.

Let me know if you grab a copy of this mag and tag me on IG or Twitter! @Mofochronicles


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