INTERVIEW: Black Ink Crew: Chicago's Ryan Henry & Charmaine Walker Open Up About Mental Health

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Charmaine Walker and Ryan Henry join Shameika of The Mofo Chronicles TV to talk about the upcoming sixth season of "Black Ink Crew: Chicago." Ryan and Charmaine talk with Shameika about the stigma of mental health and therapy in the Black community, and self care when on an emotional roller coaster.

Ryan Henry’s success and hustle with his tattoo business has broken down barriers and established 9MAG into one of the most sought-after tattoo shops in Chicago. This season, the stakes are high for Ryan as he enters therapy after realizing he’s been using his shop to avoid dealing with the death of his sister. With the help of his brothers Don and Phor, Ryan is determined to keep his circle tight, and continue to develop his relationship with his son while co-parenting with Rachel.

Charmaine Walker is celebrating entrepreneurship in a male-dominated industry by opening one of Chicago’s first female owned and operated tattoo shops. With the help of a renowned British tattoo artist, they plan to employ true Chicago natives, who have struggled through the system and know how to work a tattoo gun. This massive shake-up in the Windy City tattoo industry threatens to take 9MAG’s spot at the top.

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