Exclusive Video Interview: Tanisha Long & Chase Anthony from the BET Plus Comedy 'Bigger'

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Have you ever wondered if there is something bigger and better out there for you? I know I have on a daily basis. But we don't have to figure that out right now, instead we can live vicariously through the cast of the new comedy Bigger on BET+. The show takes place in the the East Atlanta neighborhood, Little Five Points. The series follows a single-black-woman who is dealing with the threat of marriage to a boring-in-bed "but he nice tho" type of boyfriend, to embracing her thotty ways with a chocolate gawd, and the sudden, random death of a college acquaintance. The tragedy drives her ambitious group of friends to take a deeper look at their stagnant lives, asking themselves— is there something bigger and better in life. Bigger episodes are currently streaming on BET+ with new episodes launching every Thursday. The series is executive produced by Will Packer.  I chatted with Tanisha Long who plays Layne Roberts, and Chase Anthony who plays Deon Lewis about the show and what we can expect this season. 

For more information, visit:https://www.bet.com/betplus.html

Shout out to Chuck of Suite 929 for his editing skills be sure to check him out: https://www.suite929.tv/

Let me know, what is your "Bigger?"


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