Dating While Mofo'n Degreed Up

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Happy April Mofos!

I guess since I asked bloggers to get off their arse and post THREE blogs to their personal blogs this month, I should do the same huh?

Who knew being educated could throw a kink in the dating matrix?

What you mean Meik?

I'm so glad you asked!

About a year ago, I met this cutie while I was moving..he was one of the guys that came to pick up my Goodwill donation--and could hold a convo and seemed like he had some sense. After all, he had saved me from the neighborhood rapper named Mac N Cheez that wouldn't get out of my driveway. (That's a story for another day chile) So we exchanged info with plans to go out.

For the next couple of weeks, we chatted on the phone, he hit me with "Good Morning" texts every morning.. it was cute. Then I realized, we never really talked outside of his work day. So I would hit him up in the evenings while I was work around 7pm...and he wouldn't answer until the next day claiming he went to sleep when he got off work at 4pm.

So anyway one day he was asking me about my writing and what I hoped to do with it. I was explaining to him how I got started blogging and took a break once I was in grad school but have been slack ass ever since.



Him: Uhhh, You went to Grad School? You have a Master's Degree?

Me: Yeah I did and I do.

Him: I gotta go.

Click and Curved.


This is new. I've never been cut off and hung up on for having a degree..let alone TWO of them mofos. I mean, wow.. welp NEXT.

About a week goes by and he hits me up and says he's been going through some things, and wrecked his car and blah blah blah. No mention of the degree, but then he keeps talking about how much he wants to own his own trucking I'm all for someone bettering themselves so I played cheerleader and gave him the Rah Rah You Can Do It speech...and then I thought wayment..this mofo hung up on me cuz I have the nerve to have degrees and he made the choice not to go to is that my fault? We never discussed it because..first he FINALLY told me that he does have a child... at the time the baby was about 2 months old and chile you know where there's a baby...there's a mother not too far behind and now it's making sense so I brought up the fact that he was never available after 4pm..and we had still not gone out on this so called "date."

Me: So why is it we never talk except when you are at work?

Him: You know what ..we gonna have to change that.


I figured this was more about his arse tryin to be a playa playa and not really about the education level gawd.

Anyhoo I went to an event last night called Saved Single and Serious...and got into a discussion with a guy I met there along with a couple of my blogger buds and he told us that we all sounded the same. "Y'all sound alike." HUH?! We ain't even from the same places sir..whatchu mean?

"Y'all sound (he looks around) you know.... like y'all are educated and that can be very intimidating to men." we go.

I'm fed up. I can't get ahead in my personal life cuz mofos intimidated by some education and I can't find a new mofo'n job cuz I have too much education according to some of the mofos. HELP.

My longest relationship was with a guy that didn't have his degree and it wasn't an issue.. his peen being stuck in everybody was the problem but I digress. I'm not that chick that is stuck on a mofo having 50'levum degrees.

I guess I don't get the new fangled ish... are we supposed to be dumb and pretty b/c if so..I'm gonna have to pass. I worked hard for my degrees and bruh, I'm not going to apologize for it. Nor do I walk around with it on my sleeve that I have those degrees.. if you ask, I'll tell you..the end. Men, what are you NOT intimidated by? From the event, I gathered that men are intimidated by large groups of women, they scurred of rejection, scurred to ask chicks out these days, scurred of someone being smarter, making more money, and on and on.. goooooood got ole mighty!

Lesson Learned: Hell I don't know. I got nuthin for y'all except mofos need to stop being so scary acting. A lil education ain't never hurt a soul..and who cares if you have one or you don't.. your character and whether or not you are triflin as hell and have goals and some sense matter. Hell help me pay these student loans so I know it's real :)

So.. lemme know what have been your edu-ma-cated dating experiences?

Until Later

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  1. Child we can talk about this for days on end. Me getting this THIRD degree is killing my vibe.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It's certainly an interesting topic. I suppose it really depends on the type of man you're looking for. Having only an Associates Degree myself, I've been dissed by a who said I wasn't educated enough. It didn't matter that I am intelligent, well traveled, and versed enough to commune with almost anyone, anywhere. He literally said I would be more attractive if I had the degree to support me. Then his family & friends would justify me as his choice. Ha!

    Then there have been many men no college degrees & treat me the same as you described here. So I don't think it matters either way. I've been trying to write a piece on "timing" or "luck" and what that has to do with our relationship status. Insecure men will find any excuse to make you feel inferior to them, even if it's one of you're most admirable qualities.


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