An Unexpected Mofo'n Call and Lesson

Sunday, September 28, 2014

What's up Mofoville?!

We've all had that moment, when the phone rings and the number one the caller ID is a familiar one, but the person other end is more like a familiar stranger.

What you mean Meik?

I'm so glad you asked! The other day the phone rang and while I recognized the number, I had two options, send it to voicemail or pick up. Since I was curious as to why this mofo was calling me after not hearing one peep out of him for a year and half, I answered.

Who was it? It was an ex-boyfriend that I dated my senior year in high school. Over the years we kept in touch, here and there, and he even tried to get back together but bruh, I'm definitely not the same person I was at 17 years old. You can't give me shiny things and me think you shoving your tongue down some chick's throat is going to make it better. Nice try tho! Anyhoo, the last time we had talked, he had gotten out of a bad relationship and was on the hunt to repair his broken heart. I just simply could not be the one to put the band-aid on it. *shrugs* Anyway.. we chatted a bit, we got caught up on the the things going on in each others lives.. my leg drama, the fact that he had finally moved on from his bitter ex, and then he asks if I am seeing anyone. Of course dayum not. Am I EVER? He then says, "well, I really just called to tell you that I'm getting married next week."

*crickets* wayment..WHUT?!

Now, at this point, I'm thinking, is he about to invite me to the wedding because I'm not even sure of why he called to tell me this. So I do the right thing and congratulate him, because after all I am glad that he finally found someone to make him happy that he wants to settle down with. He continues with, "you know I'll always love you and if things had been different, you would have been my wife."

Fellas.. WHYYYYYYY must you throw MORE salt in the wound with this line?! A simple thank you..and end the convo works just fine. I of course am thinking in my head, nawl bruh, I wouldn't marry you, because I don't have not a nary one feeling for you but thanks.. at least I know someone considered marrying me..I guess.

He then tells me this: "I didn't want to tell you about my good news, because I was afraid you were miserable and I just didn't want to make you feel worse about yourself."

WAYMENT. 1. What kind of so called friend would I be if I wasn't happy for you? I don't want you so .... I want you to be happy. 2. WHO SAID I WAS MISERABLE OR CLOSE TO IT? 3. WHUT?!

So that got me to thinking, do people with hold good news from others because they are afraid of their reaction? I never have. I figure, do what you will with the information and if you are happy fine, if you aren't fine. It doesn't affect my happiness either way. Since when do we let others dictate sharing our good news?

Oh but you know this mofo wasn't done. He informed me that I need to find a guy that has really lived and been through some things that will appreciate a good woman. He also said I need a guy that will tell me he doesn't care about none of my degrees, articles, interviews, and to sit down and shut the f up. Now I wish a mofo would talk to me like that and we'll see how far that convo goes. But I get what he's saying, for so long I have been attracted to the unreliable dudes ..the dudes that are shallow..the dudes that want to bask in all of your glory with your free tickets to events, but they never put in any work. Lawd forbid they send a text first. However, they always expect and try the hardest for #thesecks. He told me that when I find a guy that just wants to be around me and it's not all about #thesecks then I have found the right one. That got me to thinking, that is the type of guy that I want. One that actually wants to be around me, one that wants to hear from me, one that isn't on the other end rolling their eyes if I text hello, or if I call and say hello. One that will reach out and call me, text me just because he's thinking of me etc. However, the way my dating life is set up..............

It's funny often you think you may be upset when you hear that an ex has moved on, but you know you have truly moved on when you don't care and all you wish for them is the best. Now that other no good ex of mine, King Mofo..that's another story, but for that situation I say this, I wish him the best, and I gladly await the Karma that he has coming to him for every lil dirty low down thing he has done to me and the others that follow. I thank him for teaching me the things that I will not accept and how to unravel a lie. I also thank him for continuing to be the dog that made me realize I haven't missed out on anything. Had I stayed, I'd be another baby mama, fighting with him and his circle of chicks. I say all this to say, I may not be where I want to be in my personal and professional life yet, but what I am is this---I AM SO GOOD. Just like Destiny's Child sang.... (throwback fuh realllll)

It's a weight off the shoulders to finally be able to type that.. if you need to do the same..type it in the comments..all together now, I AM SO GOOD.

As for the ex that's getting married..that ninja still didn't invite me to the wedding LOL. Best wishes to him and his bride! Make it last foreverrrrrr *cues Keith Sweat*

How have you guys dealt with an ex that has called to tell you they are getting married?

Until Later..

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  1. Wow... I feel his call was a move to make you feel bad and or get a rise from you about the "Im getting married" line. Good you are over him and was able to handle the call and steer clear of getting wrapped up in his BS. SMH is all I can do...

    My ex never told me. His mother did. I was just like, Oh... ok. Years later, I am thankful he settled down and have her (his wife) in his life. His marriage is truly a blessing for me, the child we have together and our parenting relationship.


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