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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What's up Mofoville?!

If you follow me on twitter, then you already know I am sick and shut in for the next few weeks after having today makes 2 weeks since surgery and I finally felt like blogging..and lemme just sum it up with this.. if you decide to become a nurse, can you make sure you have some great bedside manner about ya self?!

What you mean Meik?

Well, this was my first time staying overnight in the hospital, in fact they loved me so much they let me stay 3 won-glorious nights. Aren't I a winner?! (I'm being sarcastic)..

Let me tell you.. this hospital in Uptown Charlotte tried to kill me.. Oh okay maybe not literally but lemme just run down the list of WTF moments...

1. There is a problem when a nurse tells me she hasn't read my chart and yet she's about to inject some ish into my IV. Ma'am.

2. There is a problem when a doctor (who isn't MY doctor) walks in to the room to discuss my "thyroid surgery" and there's nothing wrong with my fact he's at the wrong end of the body for the surgery I'm having...again.. does anyone in this hospital read?!

3. There is a problem when I ask the nurse for help to get up (I have an f'n FALL RISK bracelet on-listen no jokes.. when they cut your f'n stomach open.. you have issues getting up..) but anyhoo..she tells me.. "You got it.. you can do it on your own".. ma'am..HELP ME GET UP!

4. There is a problem when this mofo'n ice pack has leaked all over my sheets and gown and no one bothers to help a sista out til an hour later.. listen, if I wanted to sit in wet ish I wouldn't have called ya'll an hour ago!!!!

5. There is a problem when my IV machine thingie is beeping like crazy..and nurses are out at the nurses station IN FRONT OF MY ROOM sniggling and carrying on like they don't hear the ish. Then when the heffa FINALLY shows up.. she asks me why didn't I call someone. I DID.. 30 MINUTES AGO!

6. There is a problem when I have a room full of folks visiting and the nurse comes busting in to ask "have you passed gas today?" *blink blink* must we do this NOW?

7. There is a problem when not ONE NURSE bothers to inform me that I have to do that breathing contraption cuz..well.. they just didn't bother to do their job.

8. There is a problem when I ask for Jello to eat and it takes 4 hours to make it to my room. There's an even BIGGER problem when my mother goes to ask the mofo'n nurses for ice cream for me and they tell her to go to the freezer to get it herself. WTF.

9. There is a problem when I'm asking what my temperature is and the nurse tells me she doesn't know, the tech takes that.. ummm ain't that what charts are for or am I just ......? *blink*

10. There is a problem when I ask to see the manager and the nurse asks me if there is a problem. No bish.. I just like talking to managers with this hateful arse look on my face as I struggle to get up out this bed to choke you.

Summing this up.. my hospital stay was NOT a pleasant one..and while I wasn't expecting it to be all roses, it was definitely more like thorns in my arse. What's even worse is I was on the floor with OB/GYN cancer patients (no I don't have cancer..I have no idea why they put me on that floor..but anyhoo..) but if the care that I was receiving was gar-baaaaaage then I can only imagine the care the patients that needed some TLC were getting horrible care. Damn shame.

Overall there was probably TWO nurses that were good, and one was the student nurse and the

Lesson Learned: Just cuz you hate your job doesn't mean you have to take it out on others. I've learned that the hard way, that you can NOT like your job, but you can still DO your job with a smile on your face and DO your job to the BEST of your ABILITY. Granted I work in a completely different industry where I don't have to deal with sick patients, and I get everyone has a bad day..but for an entire team of nurses and techs to have a bad 3 days? chile bye. Needless to say I WILL NEVER go back to that hospital..I don't care if my arm is falling off.. I'd have better luck trying to re-attach it with a sewing kit than waiting on them to do it.

Have you guys ever had a bad hospital stay?

Y'all stay healthy and happy!


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  1. Wow! I'm so sorry about your experience! There is no place like.HOME! Mission Hospital Asheville NC! I hope you contacted the head nurse along with the Department Chair over that Unit! I believe Nurses, Teachers,.Pastors are called to this career and yet some are in it for the $ only And not the services!

  2. Everything that Meika said was TRUE...we will never step foot in CMC/Charlotte again..Thank God I stayed with Meika the entire time she was there, Lord only knows what would have happened..Just glad she made it out alive!!


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