A Wet Winter Nightmare

Monday, March 05, 2012

What's up fam?
I hope everyone is well, it's been a bit of a sad year thus far with the loss of a former coworker, Don Cornelius, and then Whitney Houston just to name a few. May they all RIP.

However, this blog isn't about to be a sad boo hoo sort of post. I just got back from the City of Angels aka LA and let me just say...I LOVED IT! Of course, you know it didn't go off without some drama tho right? Come on now..this is Meik.

Travel with me down memory lane..all the way to last week ..see I didn't take you as far back as I normally do..but antyhoo.. picture this.. me, in a hotel room all by my lonesome ..and no.. if your nasty rabbit arse minds are thinking of something dirty then you probably want to stop reading b/c you're about to be sorely disappointed. I digress.

Anyway, I have a habit at home of turning the water on in the sink and letting it run until it's the right temp..and most times, I walk away to do something else for the next minute or so, I'm impatient, ADD, or whatever you want to call it, I just figure I can multi-task.

So, I go into the bathroom.. turn the water on..it's ice cold. I figure, it should heat up in a couple minutes right? So I had EVERY intention of standing there and curling my hair, but ring ring ring..the phone rang.. ooooh lemme go see who it is..

Well...my phone convo lasts about 5 minutes..(water still running right?) I hang up, and I bet you can't even guess what happens next.

I'll wait.




I walk around the corner and Niagara Mofo'n Falls greets me!

I mean the water had overflowed from the sink..washed away everything I had on the sink.. floated down it's own lil river to the floor..and the water has even seeped out of the bathroom..into the room..under the door..and into the room across the hall.



So I do what any proud mofo does.. LIE.

First, I turned the water off of course after my panic moment, then I grab sheets, blankets, towels, any and everything to sop up the water..then I rescue my things throw em in the suitcase..then I think...wait.. I gotta call the front desk..so I call and tell them..SOMETHING has flooded the bathroom..and water is everywhere! (I swear fo gawd I could've won an Oscar my dayum self with this performance)..antyhoo.. I then come up with the bright idea that water CANNOT be in the sink..and I clean up the water on the sink counter.. then take a cup and am dipping the water out tossing it in the toilet.. I gotta hurry before the janitor comes...and the remaining water isn't draining in the sink fast enough. f. So just as the janitor knocks at the door, I scoop the last lil bit of water into the toilet..whew. I am hoping to NOT get charged for this ish. After all that, my baby hairs have parted and rolled up and are plastered to my head..hell, who needs gel when sweat works just fine? LOL.

I open the door..and my performance gets even better.. tears welling up in my eyes "Sir I don't know what happened..I was in here minding my own business and went in to the bathroom and water was everywhere!!!" blink blink blink..

don't ya'll judge me.

Thank gawd the room across from me was empty.. hell it was 11am at this point, they must have left already and I was about to check out anyway, but this just made the process a lil soggy..

So janitor man says "no problemo" and promises to fix it. whew. he fell for it.

Then my ride calls.. I tell them to come up and help me get my ish so we can get like MJ and Beat It.. and here he comes wanting to ask questions.. what happened..I don't understand where all this water came from etc.. SIR.. pick up that bag and let's GOOOOOOOOOO....

I never told him what happened.. but I guess he knows now LOL..

I checked out.. and to my utter shock.. I wasn't charged for the mess. God is good.

BUT in my defense..that water shouldn't have done rose up like it had bass in it n ish..hell it should have been draining like a normal mofo'n sink, but clearly it was clogged up with gawd knows what..

Lesson Learned: Stay in the bathroom while the mofo'n water is running...and continue to perfect the art of crying on cue..since it works so well.
That is all.

Until Later..
A dry and sane Meik..

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  1. Girl, you are crazy!!!..Nobody but you would write a blog on water overflowing from the sink..At least you were fast on your feet and did a good job of acting!!!...lol..


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