Game Playing Mofos..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Remember this? Hopscotch, Red light green light, kickball, dodgeball, hide-n-seek, and even Red Rover...

Well, if you don't you should, since most of that ish has just been made current by mofos that call themselves adults. What you mean Meik? I'm glad you asked..allow me to explain.

Let's examine a couple of scenarios shall we?

Scenario 1: Boy has a girlfriend, starts a new job. Boy meets a friendly girl that's willing to show him around and even invites him out to a party as coworkers..however boy takes it upon himself to throw himself, tongue and all up on girl leaving her dazed and confused and pretty much disgusted. Boy then doesn't seem to take the "not interested" speech well and continues to try to force himself upon her...meanwhile, hitting on other coworkers, women online, and in general all while poor lil girlfriend has no clue and moves clear across the country all in the name of love.

Scenario 2: Boy and girl are "talking" if you will.. and someone points out to girl that on a social networking site there are several pictures of boy boo'd up with another girl. However when asked about it, boy tells girl it's his sister, his best friend, blah blah blah.. but girl notices that there are just way too many boo'd up pics for it just to be a friendly thing, but boy takes it a step further he makes plans with girl for valentines day only to get missing and to never be heard from again...

Scenario 3: Boy tells girl she should give men a break and not be so hard on them since there are alot of women in the Queen City and its impossible for a man to settle down. Then boy proceeds to proposition girl to see if she's okay with just being a jumpoff.

I'll give you a moment to blink on each of these scenarios..


Ok.. I say all that to say.. GAME PLAYING IS FOR KIDS.. clearly nowdays some mofos would rather drag someone's feelings thru hell and high water instead of just being honest from the get go. In each of the scenarios it boils down to one thing: greedy mofos playing the field. From my point of view, it's an ego thing, its almost as if their self esteem is at an all time low so the best way to feed it is to stir up mess and run through as many folks as possible. However, in the end, who's left looking like boo boo the fool?

The only solution is a simple one: If you are looking for a jumpoff.. say so. If you are simply just not interested in a romantic relationship.. say so. If you just aren't into that person and wish they'd die a slow painful death.. say so. I don't know if you've met, but Karma is certaintly one bitch you don't want to munk with.

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